Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Electric Mess: Keeping It Simple In A Big Way

Okay, I admit it. It is a rare occasion when a new band gets any real attention on these pages. I don't believe I am stuck in the 60s or the 70s. I am not that person who dismisses anything that isn't Dylan or The Beatles. But I do believe there is an epidemic of hype over substance these days. I am rarely moved.

Then there is The Electric Mess. This is a band that first smacked me hard during a live performance in 2007 and continues to assault my senses. (In all good ways, of course!)

Their second CD has just been released.  "Falling Off The Face Of The Earth" is big. It satisfies my need for the uncompromising and unpretentious sounds of the great garage bands of the 60s, without ever skimping on musicianship. The Mess can play.

Anchored by the powerhouse rhythm section of Derek Davidson on bass and Craig Rogers on drums, "FOTFOTE" delivers a baker's dozen; songs that catch fire right out of the gate and conjure images of The Yardbirds, the 13th Floor Elevators, The Stooges, and at times, even early Stones.

Esther Crow is up front, singing, howling, and begging. She is soulful and contagious. Multi-instrumentalist Oweinama Biu on keyboards, rhythm guitar and percussion & Dan Crow on lead guitar complete the band, which you will notice a minute into the opener "He Looks Like A Psycho," isn't fooling around. The sounds are from the garage and basement, but their chops prove otherwise. It's the best of both worlds. (These guys covered Led Zeppelin and it wasn't ironic. Okay?)

I love this record. Personal faves include "Don't Take Your Bad Trip Out On Me" and the duet "I Didn't Miss You At All," featuring Esther and Oweinama. Check them out HERE.

See? I love new music.

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rob e said...

Great Psych Pop!