Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If It's Tuesday, It's "Q" Day

Today sees the release of Willie Nelson's 507th album. I don't mind. Most of Willie's records at this point are pleasant, if not significant. Here he is joined by his 22 year old son, Lukas, who some say sounds just like his dad did when he was 22. Lukas's dad must be Jimmie Dale Gilmore, then. Nonetheless, "Heroes" is a solid listen, with covers of Pearl Jam and Coldplay being the best tracks here. (Can't believe I said that.)

Speaking of nepotism, Lisa Marie Presley has a new record out. "Storm & Grace" is produced by T-Bone Burnett in an attempt to achieve some credibility for Elvis' daughter. I have to admit, I truly loved her first single off her debut. "Lights Out" was a great pop single about her her father, Graceland and other things on Miss Presley's mind. It worked. From what I've heard of "Storm & Grace," it doesn't. She just doesn't have the voice for Americana, and as solid as T-Bone's production can be, it's not good enough to carry Lisa Marie.

The winner of this week's releases is "We Travel The Spaceways," a new live recording Terry Adams & the New NRBQ. I can't say enough about this line-up. You can bitch all you want about the absence of Big Al, which by the way, happened 100 years ago. The recent passing of Tom Ardolino was a sad loss. But if anyone has the right to continue, it's Terry Adams, and the guys he chose, Scott Ligon, Pete Donnelly, and Conrad Choucron are not just able, they're off the hook.

"We Travel The Spaceways" has some Q faves, like "Get A Grip," some of Terry's recent solo material like "She's Got Everything," new Q killers like "Here I Am" and some choice covers, including the title track, a Sun Ra conposition that the band has been playing for years but only found its way to a record with this new release.



Ken D said...

I'd been meaning to ask you about the Q record since I saw it on your "What I'm Listening To" list... good to know it gets your thumbs-up.
Just ordered one.

Anonymous said...

And this nwe lineup smokes live!
Joe M

TC said...

Maybe they're good live & maybe Terry has a right to use the name but they're not NRBQ. The studio album sounds like Terry fronting an NRBQ tribute band.