Friday, May 11, 2012

May, 2012: "THE WEEKEND MIX"

This is one of those times where I found myself wanting to hear specific songs---"We're For The Dark," probably Badfinger's finest moment, "Guitars & Women," where Rick Derringer gets the full-on Todd Rundgren makeover, and "Beggar's Day," the Nils Lofgren lead from my new favorite album, "Crazy Horse"---and one thing led to another.

I can't explain why the Badfinger track reminded me of "Art School Canteen" by 5cc, Godley & Creme. Or why that made me go for Iggy & Bowie's "Sister Midnight." As with all of the Weekend Mixes though, it all sounded good together.

A tip of the hat to JAG, who pointed out in one of last week's Beach Boys posts, that a superb a cappella version of "Kiss Me, Baby" existed out there on the out of print "Hawthorne, CA." CD. I've since played it 32 times. I think it may be out my system.

Have a great weekend. Songs of the week, tomorrow.  Plenty more next week, as I'm sure something will annoy me.


Shirley- John Fred & The Playboys
Never To Be Forgotten- Bobby Fuller Four
Kisses In Vain- Cigar Store Indians
Guitars & Women- Rick Derringer
Teacher, I Need You- Elton John
We're For The Dark- Badfinger
Art School Canteen- Godley & Creme
Sister Midnight- Iggy Pop
Beggar's Day- Crazy Horse
Peppermint Lump- Angie & Pete Townshend
Toys- XTC
Summer '68- Pink Floyd
When It Rains- Brad Mehldau
Kiss Me, Baby (A Cappella)- The Beach Boys
Ooh Child- The Posies



bglobe313 said...

Wow, what a coincidence I listened to "We're For The Dark" just last night. It very well might be Badfinger's best recording. I also put at the very top "Day After Day" and "Name Of The Game" and of course the power pop primer "No Matter What."


Albert said...

This tracklist is ok I guess...I mean, if you like this kind of music....NAAHH's fantastic....particularly the Derringer title cut and brilliant G&C song....let's see "ahem" complain about this one.....;0)

buzzbabyjesus said...

The songs I know on the mix are excellent choices. My other favorite Badfinger is "Suitcase", or maybe "It's Over". Funny, I nearly bought a used copy of that Hawthorne cd at your store.

cmealha said...

I start my day at work checking in on Burning Wood and Friday is my favorite because of the Weekend Mix. Especially when you're in 'pop' mode. Love the set.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about "we're for the dark"--a gem among several badfinger gems.

tinpot said...

may have to DL this just for the John Fred track. Loved 'Judy in Disguise', the only thing of theirs I've ever heard, tho I'm told they were a great band.

ASH On The Beat said...

Loving that Sal has got Mummer on his litening list.

It will not cheer you up, but it will broaden your mind, very dark, very wonderful.