Saturday, May 19, 2012

Songs Of The Week: 5/12-5/18, With A Special Birthday Bonus For Mr. Peter Townshend

Night Time Girl- The Modern Folk Quintet
Hit Somebody! (The Hockey Song)- Warren Zevon
Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass- !!! (Chk! Chk! Chk!)
Mrs. Robinson- Booker T. & The MGs
Mistress Of The Salmon Salt- Blue Oyster Cult
Savoir Faire (Live)- Mink DeVille
I Want I Want I Want- Big Al Anderson


Pete Townshend wrote "Blue, Red & Grey." For that, he not only gets a pass for writing "Athena," in my book, he never needed to write anything fore and aft. But I am grateful that he did.

Happy Birthday, Pete!


Rob said...

Twenty odd years ago I found myself sharing an elevator with Pete Townshend. So what do you say to one of the great men of rock music, someone who soundtracked your callow youth? I have to admit I totally blew my lines and came out with something profound like: 'Wow! I never imagined I'd be sharing an elevator with Pete Townshend.' Daddy Cool Townshend looked at me for a second and replied: 'Well I didn't fucking imagine I'd be here with you either.'

Happy Birthday Pete indeed!

Lisa Ann Volp said...

Pete Townshend my heart's delight

A walk in the woods said...

I love "Blue Red & Grey" but what's the problem with "Athena"?? I mean, it's one thing to call to call out Jackson Browne for a real embarrassment like "Disco Apocalypse" but I likes me some "Athena"

Oh, and nice mix here, looking forward to it as always.

Sal Nunziato said...

I hated "Athena" from the first day I heard. Just everything about it gets under my skin, the arrangement, the drumming and especially these three words-- "She's a bomb!" And yet, I've only just realized I kinda like "It's Hard."

The Patman said...

Oh man, I like "Athena." But I'm not as musically educated. What are your feelings on "Love Reign O'er Me"?

As usual, great stuff here on your blog.

Jeff in Denton TX said...

"Athena" was The Who's final Top 40 single (although "Eminence Front" remains the best-known song from "It's Hard"). It's telling that of The Who's five-gazillion "best of" compilations, "Athena" has yet to appear on a single one of them. I'm guessing Pete's not too fond of it, either.

Noam Sane said...

Funny, Slip Kid came on my shuffle yesterday morning and i thought, time to pull that album out. Has been my favorite Who for quite some time, I think because it's not been overplayed to the extent everything else has.

I've seen Townshend interviews where he's been quite dismissive of that song and its sentimentality, but it will always hold a place in my heart..."I know a man who works the night shift...he's lucky to get a job and some pay..." Hey, he's talking about me!

And, thanks for the mix, as usual.

Sal Nunziato said...

Love Quadrophenia. Love most everything. But "Athena" makes me cringe.

I took out the "By Numbers" vinyl last night, too. Just read Pete say recently in Mojo I think, that "By Numbers" was all Roger. Pete gave him however many songs, and Roger sequenced it all. I usually program the CD to skip "Squeeze Box" thru "Success Story." But first 2 songs on Side 1 and last 4 Side 2 are some of my very favorite Pete songs.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I've never heard either "Athena" or "Eminence Front" before now. Phew! What stinkers! But I'm not a very good fan, I don't need anything after "Who's Next". "Squeeze Box" was the nail in the coffin.

Anonymous said...

Nice mix. Love the Warren Zevon track.

Thanks you