Friday, June 29, 2012

"I'd Like To Bring A Friend Out With Me..." : THE WEEKEND MIX


Paul Jones, lead singer of Manfred Mann, decided to record a solo single covering The Bee Gees on the A-side and a tune called "The Dog Presides" on the B. Producer Peter Asher mentioned getting Eric Clapton to join him for the 1968 session. When Jones arrived at the studio, Asher apologized and said, "I couldn't get Eric, but we got him." He pointed to Jeff Beck. He also got Paul Samwell-Smith of The Yardbirds on bass and a little known rock drummer by the name of Paul McCartney. And there you have it.

That got me thinking about other collaborations. Not necessarily songs that were planned as duets, or other types of cash cow collaborations like Band-Aid or "We Are The World," but more like the mythical "we were just hanging out and so-and-so dropped by the studio" type. I don't know the stories behind the songs I chose, though some seem obvious. Bruce Springsteen had been covering Gary US Bonds for years. Thunders, Phil Lynott and Steve Marriott probably got high together. But having Robert Fripp produce sessions for Daryl Hall with Daryl returning the favor for Fripp's solo debut still amazes me. And what about George Harrison playing slide for Hall & Oates? (See, even a Beatle digs H&O.)

"The Dog Presides" is rocking little record with Beck & Macca having more than a little fun. It's here on this Weekend Mix, along with some others I really dig. To my knowledge, the only songs on this mix that had "duet" billing are the Dwight & Sheryl and the Steve and Lucinda.



Godd Times- The Easybeats (Steve Marriott)
Jole Blon- Gary US Bonds (Bruce Springsteen)
Baby Don't Go- Dwight Yoakam (Sheryl Crow)
The Dog Presides- Paul Jones (Jeff Beck, Paul McCartney)
Tried To Love- Peter Frampton (Mick Jagger)
Carpetbaggers- Jenny Lewis (Elvis Costello)
Daddy Rollin' Stone- Johnny Thunders (Phil Lynott & Steve Marriott)
North Star- Robert Fripp (Daryl Hall)
I Need Your Love - Ian Hunter (Todd Rundgren & The Clash)
Torchlight- Ellen Foley (The Clash)
The Last Time - Hall & Oates (George Harrison)
Why Should I Love You- Kate Bush (Prince)
Blind Love- Tom Waits (Keith Richards)
Magnet & Steel- Matthew Sweet (Lindsey Buckingham & Susanna Hoffs)
You"re Still Standing There- Steve Earle (Lucinda Williams)



soundsource said...

great mix as usual, love the concept can't wait for part 2 (maybe).
And I can't believe for all the 100's of times I've listend to Good Times I never knew that was Steve Mariott on the chorus, actually never even thought about it was just so into the groove.
Well thanks for the enlightenment and a great start to the weekend.

oldkdawg said...

This is just weird. I spent the night thinking about making a duets mix and then I come home and check out your blog and you already have one done (looks way more interesting than what I was coming up with). Can't wait to listen to this.

Christine said...

Enjoying this at work today--so cool recognizing the voices.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal, being an Aussie I am a great fan of the Easybeats and thing that Friday on my mind is the best pop song ever. I was very interested to learn that Steve Marriott played on this Easybeats single. Life is a learning experience.



jeff k said...

I was always under the impresson that Layla was a bit of fortunate timing in terms of getting Clapton and duane allman together, or was it planned?

William Repsher said...

I think the Ian Hunter track was simply Mick Jones producing the Short Back N Sides album. One of those great lost Ian Hunter albums ... which seems to classify ALL his albums these days, unfortunately. (They felt huge to me at that time, despite the fact that very few of my teenage friends knew what the hell I was talking about.) That song (and "Rain") from that album really struck me as top-shelf material. And you can surely hear the Rundgren influence on the backing vocals.

Sal Nunziato said...


Rundgren, Roger Powell (Utopia), Mick Jones and Topper Headon are all on that track.

I'm with you on Ian's solo work. New one coming soon. "When I'm President."

steve simels said...

Can't wait to download this, but the Easybeats and the Tom Waits are long time favorites at Casa Simels.

Anonymous said...

As I've been playing a lot of stuff by the Easybeats, Frampton/Marriott era Humble Pie & Paul Jones era Manfred Mann, this great mix fits in very nicely. And by the by Paul Jones has an excellent blues show on BBC Radio 2. Cheers!

mckee said...

Sal, your taste is music is amazing.

Why do I say this?

You always, I mean always, choose at least one, often more - this post 3 - of my favorite, albeit, obscure cuts.

The world was sleeping when some of these gems slipped thru the crax and yet you try to turn the world onto them.

Keep rocking, Sal

Jeff McKee
Richmond VA

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Jeff. Which 3 or shall I guess?

bglobe313 said...

Wait a minute. I am a Beatles nut. How come I never even heard of this before?! Thanks, now there's something else for me to track down.