Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More From The Electric Mess

What we've got here is the new promo video for The Electric Mess's "Tell Me Why" set against some 1960's experimental Japanese animation from a film called "Aos." The video is a blast, but it's the break in this song that really winds me up.

I've written about the Electric Mess before, but what I said bears repeating. There are few, if any bands, that have magically married the precision of fine musicianship with the raw fundamentals of garage rock the way the Mess have. Your best garage/punk bands usually employ some of the worst musicians, with all due respect to those players. It's the sound we love, not your chops, though some might argue that restraint, sometimes inadvertent, is an art in itself. Both Mess records are full of nuggets that can sit with pride alongside some of the legends of the genre. But further inspection reveals, this band can play with the best of them.

"Tell Me Why" cooks.


Fielding Melish said...

Wow, that really does COOK! Hot stuff... thanks for sharing this crazy clip!

whattawino said...

Ouch!...This is a contender for song of the millennium as far as I'm concerned...