Friday, June 8, 2012

"Of Course, Of Course" : THE WEEKEND MIX

I thought about scouring the Burning Wood archives as a safety precaution, just in case the old "horse themed" mix had been used once before.  But then I decided to trust myself and let it run. I believe this is a first, and it's only happening because I didn't want to let Charlie C. down.

(It was his idea, though I admit, I like it.)

Here's to I'll Have Another and his quest for the Triple Crown.

I'm looking forward to the race on Saturday. It's brief as sporting events go, and yet, quite exciting. I just hope this colt is a fan of Patti Smith and Dion & The Belmonts.


The Horse- Cliff Nobles
The Race Is On- Dave Edmunds
A Horse With No Name- The Loud Family
Gone Ridin'- Chris Isaak
Jockey Full Of Bourbon- Tom Waits
Ride Your Pony- Betty Harris
Wild Horses- Gram Parsons
Dig A Pony- The Beatles
My Baby's Gone- Martin Belmont
The Angels Took My Racehorse Away- Richard Thompson
King Horse- Elvis Costello
Love Came To Me- Dion & The Belmonts
Fuckin' Up- Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Free Money- Patti Smith
Short People- Randy Newman

And they're offfff!


charlie c. said...

Ideas are a dime a dozen -- you did the leg work, upload work whatever . . . "Short People" -- too much!
bonus race coverage: Union Rags - bred for the distance, pointed for this, derails history

iggy said...

I could never say "nay" to this fine feedbag. Thanks Sal. May the best nag win.


stu said...

jeez Sal what about old Stewball?

steve simels said...

Things I learned doing the NY Times Crossword Puzzle this week:

Mr. Ed homered off Sandy Koufax in a 1963 episode of the series.

This I have to see...

Sal Nunziato said...


charlie c. said...

BW jinx strikes again! I'll have another scratched from Belmont . . . Also -- if you look closely, Mr. Ed was way out of the batter's box, so don't give me that longest home run by a talking horse nonsense!

jeff k said...

and not to mention that for some reason that day Koufax was pitching batting practice. let's see what Ed could do with Sandy's curveball. what a ridiculous clip.

Sal: maybe a new weekend mix on tendonitis?

Bill said...

Looks like a great mix Sal. I would've added Horse and Crow by Peter Case, one of my favorite horse songs.

Rob said...

Looks like a list that's definitely worth a punt, Sal.

I applaud the great good taste you showed in not including that tired old nag Chestnut Mare on the list, but surely the omission of Nick 'Greatest Living Englishman' Lowe's Shting Shtang from the starting line up was something of an oversight?

buzzbabyjesus said...

Check out the fairly obscure "Horse Out In The Rain" by Moby Grape from their 1971 album "20 Granite Creek".
It's spooky and gorgeous.

A walk in the woods said...

No "Tennessee Stud" by Doc Watson? Chestnut Mare? Dylan's New Pony??

Whoops, I shouldn't be looking a gift horse in the mouth...

Nice mix as always Sal - looking forward to hearing!