Friday, July 6, 2012

"FD's Summer Soul" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Reader FD13NYC and I started making mixed-tapes for each other sometime in the mid-seventies, so when I received this great collection of mostly little known soul gems from him yesterday, it had more than just some good music attached to it. Great stuff and great memories, my friend.

The Candi Staton is a bit of a classic that you might have heard before. But all else was knew to me, and a few, just sent me over the moon, especially "You & Me" by Penny & the Quarters. I love their name. I love their photo. (see above). And that song is a beauty.

Also, Pat & Pam? Who the hell are Pat & Pam and why do they sound so damn good together?

Nancy Wilson's cover of The Fortunes hit was also a pleasant surprise. It almost crosses the camp line, but is patient enough to stay put. Another gem.

Thanks for the effort, FD.

Enjoy everyone.

I'm feeling this mix is perfect to crank up on a sweltering NYC weekend. If you happen to live outside of NYC, where the weather is manageable and the streets don't smell like warmed up chum, you just may enjoy this, too.


Send For Me- Chuck Bernard
Wrong Number- Lee Charles
I Love You Yes I Do- Pat & Pam
Just One More Time- JJ Barnes
You & Me- Penny & The Quarters
I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart- Candi Staton
Wiilie Knows How- Willie West
You've Come A Long Way, Baby- Flower Shoppe
Don't- Doris
Total Disaster- Gloria Taylor
Please Don't Ket Me Know- Don Covay
You're The One- The Three Degrees
My Man, A Sweet Man- Millie Jackson
You've Got Your Troubles- Nancy Wilson



iggy said...

What a treat. Thanks to both of you for sharing such outstanding mixes. Enjoy your weekend!


oldkdawg said...

Here is a link that tells a little bit about Pat and Pam.
Can't wait to listen to this mix. Thanks for all of these great mixes.

A walk in the woods said...

Thanks for the mix - let the weekend begin!

Woodworker said...

Thanks, I'm a sucker for soul.

BTW, what happened to #7 "Foolish Dreamer?" It's only 2k long, and won't play, of course.

Sal Nunziato said...

@Woodworker. I thought I had removed that track. Sorry to ruin the flow.