Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh Well

Coming from Concord Music on 8/14 is this somewhat random collection of Fleetwood Mac covers on a "tribute" to the legendary band. Every time one of these compilations gets released, I think of two things- "The Cannonball Run" movies and the meeting in the label conference room when those in charge decided to sign off on what usually turns out to be a half-assed collection of artists with no possibility of appealing to anyone who is a fan of anyone involved.

Are ZZ Top fans really going to get excited over Lykke Li and Best Coast? Do Marianne Faithful fans listen to Stevie Nicks? Are MGMT fans buying tickets to Antony & The Johnsons?

Listen to it all at the link below.

The New Pornographers tracks does kick ass, though.



Dirty Roots Radio said...

Me and some buddies were talking about tribute records the other day...after we saw a new one paying tribute to THE BLACK KEYS. Yeesh.

FD13NYC said...

Not all tribute CDs are good I agree. In fact none of them are IMO. You might find 2-3 good covers of said artist, and that's about it. The New Pornographers cover is vibrant and interesting. But our friend Michael Carpenter I think does a better version.

A tribute to The Black Keys, now that's utterly hilarious!

steve simels said...

The only way I would buy something like this is if it was a tribute to the Bob Welch edition of the Mac, as performed exclusively by Metallica tribute bands.

That's how excited I am about this.

Jerry Lee said...

Well, at least most of them tried something different, too bad they failed. I'd like to hear Marianne Faithful doing "Oh Well" with Billy Gibbons on guitbox, really loud and fast. With cowbell.

Sal Nunziato said...

@Jerry Lee

Me too!

A walk in the woods said...

Actually, I'm such a fool for some of those songs, I'll have to get at least a few of these cuts. I cain't help it...

soundsource said...

it ain't all terrible and actually I like the version of gold dust woman and before the begining and give em credit it does cover all of the mac not just later day mac.
on the other hand Future Games through a vocoder might have seemed like a good idea for the first minute but after nine minutes jeez
oh and forget covering oh well cover green manaleshi