Friday, August 31, 2012


This was a tough week. I will spare you the details. We all have tough weeks. But it was a tough week.

As promised, the double whammy for the long weekend.

Remember kids, hot dogs are good for you, stop wearing white on Tuesday, and drive safe.



Standing In The Rain- The James Gang
(This is Tommy Bolin's record. Love Joe Walsh, but I LOVE this track from "Bang.")

Bad 'n' Ruin- Faces

Storm Warning- The Volcanoes
(Big Philly influence on H&O)

Treat Her Like A Lady- Cornelius Bros. & Sister Rose
I Wish You Would- Billy Boy Arnold
Honey Don't- Carl Perkins
Long Tall Sally- The Beatles

I'm Looking Through You- The Posies
(a genius cover. I mean, they nail the outtake!)

Neat Neat Neat- The Damned

What'd I Say- Brenda Lee
(Jimmy Page on guitar. Brenda on FIRE!)

One Way Street- Lou Ann Barton
(Hot stuff from Austin giving Aerosmith a run for their money)

Stop Draggin' My Heart Around- Stevie Nicks w/Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Reactionary Girl- Robin Zander
(Every now and again I think this Rob Laufer tune is the best thing ever. Every now and again I think Robin Zander has the greatest voice in rock and roll. Every now and again I think "Have a bitchin' summer, see ya next fall" is the sexiest vocal cameo on record. Thank you, Maria McKee.)

Poison Love- Buddy Miller
He's Got The Power- The Exciters
Nervous- Jo Ann Campbell

This Better Be Good- Fountains Of Wayne
(Easily 19 "moments" in this song.)

California Soul- Fifth Dimension
Everyday Is A Winding Road- Prince

School's Out-Alice Cooper
(Yeah, I know. I got this shit backwards.)


Summertime- Booker T. & The MGs

Natty Dread- Charlie Hunter
(Charlie's take on the entire Marley classic is one of those very special records. Look it up.)

Little Red Rooster- Sam Cooke

Bad Girl Pt. 1- Lee Moses
(Thanks, Steven!)

I Read A Lot-Nick Lowe

Bayou Maharajah-Harry Connick Jr.
(Harry's tribute to his mentor, Mr. James Booker)

All Or Nothing At All- Frank Sinatra

I Want You To Want Me- The Holmes Bros.
(Accept it. It's brilliant.)

Part Time Love- Johnnie Taylor
I Got The Blues- Rolling Stones
Most Of The Time- Bob Dylan
Turn Down Day- The Cyrkle

Comin' Back To Me- Rickie Lee Jones
(One of the most beautiful songs ever written..thank you Marty Balin. Thank you Rickie Lee.)

September Song- Erroll Garner
("Forgive me if I romanticize the past. It wasn't always as stormy and rainswept as this.")

Lost It- Boz Scaggs

Twilight- The Band
I Believe- Stevie Wonder




itsok2beright said...

Hi Sal, welcome back from the convention.



Two killer mixes -- many thanks!

I always find this a tough time of year ... back-to-school (even though it has been a long while since I did that), weather changing, some challenging anniversary memories, ... Bla Bla Bla

One good thing is some great summer music.

Here's to a wonderful weekend!


Rob said...

Greetings Sal,

That's a mighty fine pair of mixes you're sporting right there!

I'd love you to do a feature sometime on Nick Lowe's journey from carefree glass breaking youth to reflective book reading maturity - I think that more that one of us has been along with him on that particular ride.

Hope all your troubles have at the very least been tolerable ones. And thanks for setting up this little corner of cyberspace - it's a most congenial place to spend time.

tumbblingdice1970 said...

Sal, this playlist feels like it was made for me today, after my first meeting with a divorce attorney this morning and the awful aftertaste. You're in my prayers. Thanks for the music, it's helping me survive the afternoon.

mr.peabody said...

Damn, Sal! That's a pretty goddamn awesome mix you got there! I guess it's true that the blues brings out the best in artists.
Better luck next week, whatever it is that got you this week.

Anonymous said...

I always find something stimulating & new to me in your excellent mixes, allowing me to explore different genres & artists. My musical education has improved expotentially since finding your blog! Still mellowing out from a fortninght's vacation in Gran Canaria so my week's been just fine and dandy, but I don't suppose you wanna hear that (no, I don't - ed). Anyhow, many thanks for all your hard work & putting together these mixes for us. As the saying goes: may all your troubles be little ones.

A walk in the woods said...

Let me say a "hell yes" to your two mixes. I Got The Blues is one of those songs that, when the Stones finally are living in a retirement home on canes, I will so miss from their glory years. (I love their ballads.)

and looking forward to hearing Rickie Lee's version of one of my fave Airplane songs.

Have a great weekend and I hope it's better than your week

Robin said...

You may have had a tough week, but you hit it out of the park here...

Thank you! Enjoy the long weekend.

KevinR said...

It's been a tough summer; hot, humid and grinding. These mixes look about the same! Thanks!
Next week here in Nashville we get Dr. John and John Cleary Live on the Green. Thanks to you, I am STOKED to hear Cleary.

Chris Bell said...

Sal-- great mixes. And how did you know I've been obsessed with September Song? Errol G is great (Chet Baker does a lovely version as well-- surprise.)

And then there's Robert Wyatt-- have a go.

ps-- Rob's Nick Lowe request is seconded. Never enough of that bloke.

soundsource said...

wow reactionary girl, I'm rockin' my ass off. thanks mr wood, hope these comments are coming across

Anonymous said...

A couple of great tracks on the AM show

The volcanoes
Lou Ann barton great distorted guitar
Billy Boy Arnold

Will get back after I hear the PM show

cmealha said...

The beauty of these mixes is than once in a while you get a song like "Lost It" which I have never heard fro some reason and is just soooo beautiful. Thanks for that one.

cmealha said...

P.S. Karen is in tears. I, of course, am too manly to cry but my eyes are a little misty

buzzbabyjesus said...

You're right about Charlie Hunter's "Natty Dread".