Monday, August 13, 2012

Like The Sweet Song Of A Choir...BURNING LOVE?

And here it is.

As if you didn't have enough to do...Blog #2

Why Burning Love??

Burning Wood is approaching its 4th year, and if there is one thing I've learned in four years, aside from how many of you hate the Grateful Dead and Queen, it's that when pushed, you love to participate.

Burning Wood will continue to be exactly what it has been. Nothing will change. (I hope that's okay with you.)

Burning Love? on the other hand will focus strictly on those button-pushing topics that music lovers cannot resist. Top Ten Lists. Best this. Worst that. Radiohead: Geniuses or wankers? Phil or Don? Daryl or John?

Every Monday I'll post a topic and a (hopefully) brief kickstart. Then, if all goes as planned, once you finish your Burning Wood duties, you will have the whole week to add your thoughts to Burning Love?'s weekly topic. Could be words. Could be music or video. The comment section will hopefully light up like the cheap section at a Phish concert.

The Goal?

Some of you might remember a Burning Wood project from last year called Group Hug. It's HERE, (or at least part of it is) if you don't. Participation was fantastic, but what I loved most was the discovery. Bands like Louie & The Lovers or Joel Plaskett Emergency or Misty In Roots would have remained below my radar if not for the suggestions sent in by you. And if you can believe it, I never would have heard "Burning Love" by Dennis Linde, the man who wrote the song. (That isn't why the new place is named what it's named. The title and its question mark are courtesy of Jeff K.)

I'm hoping each Monday topic will incite and inspire, for better or worse. Think of the possibilites if say, one Monday morning you dialed up Burning Love? and saw, "The 20 Worst Songs By (insert name of beloved artist)" By the end of the week, we just might have a definitive list or maybe a riot.
If we're lucky... both.

Burning Love? will only work with your contributions. 

The link to Burning Love? will be right below the header of Burning Wood. The URL will remain right below the chatbox.  And I will use the chatbox to warn of each new topic.

Here's hoping you dig it. Now go on over to Burning Love? and get started.


misospecial said...

great idea! looking forward to the fireworks...

buzzbabyjesus said...

Dennis Linde sounds like John Fogerty. Thanks for this. You'll have to excuse me, I have an appointment over at Burning Love?

FD13NYC said...

Nice version by the writer of the song. It does sound a little like John Fogerty.

A walk in the woods said...

I'm ready to roll wit' Burning Love... but I went to put an entry there, and it's lacking the "Name/URL" entry method. I'd prefer that, so I don't have to take out one of the other account options... if that's OK. Could you add that "Name/URL" option like you have here? Thanks man.

Sal Nunziato said...

Didn't know I did anything different, WITW. Try now.