Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Burning Wood, 4th Anniversary Kickstarter-like Project


Anonymous said...

OK, in for a tenner, 'cos I'm all unemployed and brokeass. But I certainly get a lot of pleasure from this blog, good luck Sal!

(Apparently I'd need a blogger account to log in for this, which, whatevs, I think I've always commented as anon, but I'm erik.b.olson at gmail. Which should be good enough for humans but no use to robots, so yay! )

Anonymous said...

Crap, I forgot my paypal has a different email, it's the hap_hazard one. But I don't need any schwag, just glad to be able to help a tiny little!

Gene Oberto said...

"....which is why you haven't heard from me in a while..."

SPIT TAKE! (coffee on the screen)

*Laugh out loud*

Brother, you should do a weekly YouTube-er on just whatever is on your mind.

Money as donation? A nice thing.
This video? PRICELESS!!

jeff k said...

Take my wallet, please

big bad wolf said...

sal, this was quite amusing. get you a donation on the way when i get home.

Albert said...

I'm in for a 50-spot...you're a degenerate, but your blog is worthwhile.....hoo-haa!!....xoxo..

whattawino said...

At what pledge level can I get the "outtakes reel"?
And c'mon people, do we not have an optometrist in da house o' wood? Read you loud and clear...20/20 baby!
Agent 00(NO)7

misospecial said...

"no my brother, you got to buy your own!" ... not sure why that sprang to mind, but ... there it is.

i just love this. definitely ponying up.

Sal Nunziato said...


I LOVE that reference!

ASH On The Beat said...

I can sort out yer Specs.

I thought we'd agreed that I was the humorous one in this partnership.

Stop being funny, it doesn't suit you.

Anonymous said...

I'm in - will PayPal a donation now, Sal. Try not to operate heavy machinery or juggle flaming things too much 'til this thing is complete.
- A Walk In The Woods

JB said...

Today's young "Digital Natives" will never comprehend what it was like to stare at an album cover and try to figure out what that person might look like when they weren't frozen in a photograph. For those of us in the hinterlands, the odds of ever seeing the artist or band performing "live" were slim, and the acts you really wanted to see rarely got invited on TV.

Nowadays kids can dial up moving pictures of a performer in less time than it takes me to type the word "performer." Where's the mystery in that??

So, for a few years now, you've been a frozen image in photos. Your hands against the wall of CDs (I never was sure about that shot.. are you guarding them, or preparing to be frisked?) And then there were the archival "Pep" shots. Good times.

But now we've seen you move, and speak. You've lost your video virginity. The mystery is gone.

You're no Louis KC but the standup routine was unexpected and thus exceeded my nonexistent expectations. Thanks for the blog(s), Sal. A pair of Jacksons are headed your way.

Anonymous said...

Many entertaining hours watching Burning Wood. My musical knowledge has been widened and stretched! Happy to donate to the specs and phone fund. What president presides over a $20 bill?

Juby said...


I've enjoyed all of your hard work and want you to be able to see in order to keep at it! Some funds are on their way to help you out.


James A. Gardner said...

My PayPal balance ain't much, but it's yours! Don't take chances with your eyesight! Soon as I find your e-mail address, I'll press SEND.

DeepKarma said...

I'm a little late to the party, but I just dropped a token of appreciation into the tip jar. Burning Wood/Love remains my favorite little corner of the innertubz.