Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Maybe This Is The Problem

(h/t hpunch)



I don’t know about you but it seems to me our friend Bob is everywhere this week.

Yesterday’s Burning Love fest got us all going. I’d check out a list and say “Yeah … those ten are about right” then a new list would be posted and I’d be “oh yeah … forgot about that” or “I wonder which version he meant by that” or “what about great covers of Dylan songs?” or … or … or ... I put “Dylan” in my iTunes search and hit shuffle and that was yesterday’s music. Today I was sitting in the Coffee Shop reading the review of Tempest and what’s on the sound system but Dylan, Dylan and more Dylan.

I’m reminded of a fun Nick Hornby essay in his Songbook where he explains how he isn’t much of a Dylan fan. Well obviously he has Blonde On Blonde and Highway 61 Revisted, And, of course, Bringing It All Back Home and Blood On The Tracks … by the end of the first paragraph he has spelled out about twenty Dylan records he owns and he says he has more records by Dylan than any other artist … but of course he isn’t a fanatic!

Now John Wesley Harding and Janeane Garofalo bring us this video. The man commands us still and I can’t turn away or wipe the smile off my face.

FD13NYC said...

Might be true. I like Janeane Garofalo. Funny video.

Jeff Matthews said...

New thread idea: best songs about other musicians.
I nominate Robbie Fulks "Fountains of Wayne Hotline".

steves said...

What was even funnier about that video was that they didn't show the one Dylan album that I have some very fond memories of getting down to (Blood on the Tracks). It was on the 8-track, and I guess we just couldn't help ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Genius song.
A loving tribute to Ian Gillan appears to be the subtext,
John Wesley Harding is a criminally underrated songwriter,
And a helluva novelist to boot.


A walk in the woods said...

Very funny song. But is that really Jeanene Garafalo? Wow, the years have been a bit harsh!

soundsource said...

great fucking song and video
thanks for that and a very true sentiment
he may be bob dylan but when it comes to the sack he ain't no marvin gaye