Friday, September 7, 2012

"September Of My Beers" : THE WEEKEND MIX

“You got to admit, it takes some brass to attack a guy for what you did.”


Man, do I love that line. Ad-libbed, I might add, at the DNC on Wednesday night. I love it in its original context. But I love it more because of how it applies to so much of our everyday lives. Haven't we all been there? Just replace some words with a few others and give that second "you" a bit of a push.

KARMA, dudes and dudettes! Believe in it.

Thanks for allowing me these few days. I'm happy to be back. Hope you're happy to have me back.

Let's see where we can go as we begin year 5 on Burning Wood.

I'm feeling this mix. Listen to it and let me know what hits you and what doesn't.

I'm obsessing a bit over that Foxy Shazam album. (Thanks, John.)  This track in particular is rocking my socks off.

Also loving Spooky Tooth's take on David Ackles' piece of heaviosity.

New "Songs Of The Day" starts tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.


Girls Are Better Than Boys- Silver Ginger 5
Barrytown- Michael Carpenter
Take-em As They Come- Bruce Springsteen
Slow Motion- Blondie
Keep Your Hands On The Wheel- Roy Wood
Birdcall Morning- Joe Walsh
Lysistrata- Utopia
Fine Line- Paul McCartney
Anna- The Spongetones
Down River-Spooky Tooth
It's Not My Place (In The 9-5 World)- The Ramones
Last Chance At Love- Foxy Shazam
Killed By Love- The Pursuit Of Happiness
Indication- The Zombies
Simplicity- Tim Curry
I'm In Need Of Your Help- Heads, Hands, & Feet
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong- Buffalo Springfield
Now & Then- The Smithereens
Nothing Rhymed- Gilbert O'Sullivan
Rock & Roll Love Letter- Tim Moore



soundsource said...

thank you Mr. Wood

iggy said...

Great list. Great quote. To paraphrase C3P0, Republicans excel at brass. Just means the rest of us have to point that out to a world of the unaware. Have a great weekend, Amigo.


James A. Gardner said...

Happy to have you back? Elated! "... a lot of brass"! Can that man turn a phrase? The mix looks fantastic. Head, Hands, and Feet - the Albert Lee group? TPOH? Spongetones? Rockin' good time.
Welcome back.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Looks good. Acquiring now. I'm a little afraid of that Roy Wood tune, though.


Great mic Sal -- Thanks!

Your T shirt pic and the "Killed By Love" track sent me digging through:

* my LPs -- I always liked their first record very much


* my memory banks as I recall seeing Moe Berg running on the track at the Y back in the 80s -- ah, the high flyin' life of a Canadian "Rockstar".

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Gilbert O'Sullivan? Nuff said!

Bruce H.

steve simels said...


I've always wanted to a cover of that as more of a guitar song than the Steely Dan original.

I'm not familiar with Michael Carpenter, however.

Also: Welcome back, obviously.

Sal Nunziato said...


You mean you're not familiar with Michael Carpenter's version, not Michael Carpenter, right?

steve simels said...

Oh wait -- Michael Carpenter's that Australian guy who does the great covers.

Must hear "Barrytown" toot sweet.

A walk in the woods said...

Looks rockin'! Welcome back and thanks for the music as always.

ken49 said...

Sal, glad to know you are back. I was afraid I was going to start my day with coffee only, no Burning Wood. Really appreciate the effort of keeping this blog going. For a true believer in the music (like me), it means a lot.

Anonymous said...

anks for the great mix. please don't leave as I look forward to visiting your site each saturday and partaking of the great eclectic mix of music.

Thank you Thank You Thank you



whattawino said...

One fine fine mix...One fine blog...
One Fine Day (The Chiffons) heh heh...Yay for all the above!

Anonymous said...

Dang, that version of "Barrytown" *ROCKS*!! I'd never heard of the guy who did it - must check out now!

Sal Nunziato said...


Michael Carpenter is Australian. Check out his SOOP series. All covers and almost are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Just glad you're back. Stay back. Rest and take breaks when you feel them, but stay back here for us readers.

stivseed said...

Sal, glad to have you back. I don`t know if the begging and pleading helped, or not. But I`d do it again.

Anonymous said...

Tim Moore. Lots of talent. Career never took off. His own version of Second Avenue is better than Garfunkel's.

Anonymous said...

Carpenter did a cover of Tapioca Tundra by the Monkees. Must be the only cover of that song ever. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Any mix which includes Spooky Tooth, Tim Curry & Head Hands and Feet can't be all bad. Nice one! And nice to have you back where you belong (someone should put that in a song...)