Monday, September 24, 2012

Tedeschi, Trucks, Wood, Wood & Brown

The right thing to do here would be to blather on about the Tedeschi Trucks Band featuring my friend and trumpeter-extraordinaire Maurice Brown (far right), and their absolutely fantastic live performance this past Friday night at NYC's Beacon Theatre. I was after all, Maurice's guest, so at the very least he deserves a thank you. (And probably an "I'm sorry," since I had been texting him requests from Row M to Stage Left like a royal schmuck.)

But, as long as I'm not making this about him or them, let me also not make anything about how I was blown away by their opening number, a killer cover of George Harrison's "Wah Wah." I also shouldn't point out how Susan Tedeschi's own solo records do not do justice to her fiery guitar playing and heartbreak vocals, which she demonstrated on "Rollin' & Tumblin'" and "Until You Remember." And while I'm not at it, let me just not say how Derek Trucks can play anything, a blues, a raga, a jam, a pop and a funk, and make it a musical monument, which he demonstrated all night. Yeah, the TTB were that good, but that's not why I'm here.

Ladies and Germs....the opening act....The Wood Brothers.

Thursday's opener was Leon Russell, who sat in for a little mini-nod to "Mad Dogs & Englishmen," with versions of "Space Captain" & "Darling Be Home Soon." (Damn!) Saturday night's scheduled opener was Richard Thompson. (Damn!!)  I got The Wood Brothers. Thank you, Jeebus!

Let's start with this.

Now, I won't try to explain just how HOT this was in person. That'd probably go over as well as me describing a card trick.  But use your "knows its" and your "whatchamacalls," and trust me.

Or this...

The Wood Brothers have been putting out records for some time, and I even recall liking a few back when I was retailing. But I don't remember any of the studio releases sounding quite like they did live.

They played for an hour and the Beacon crowd went apeshit! If they had played twice as long, I don't think anyone would have minded.

I did get a text from Maurice regarding the Bros. It was something like, "THEY ARE DOPE!"

I concur. Dope, they are.

Here's two more, Dylan and Toussaint.

The Wood Brothers just released two live records, "Sky High" Vols 1 & 2.  I recommend both.

And when you're done here, you can think about who the greatest living singer/songwriter/artist might be. Burning Love? gives you a headstart with four choices.


buzzbabyjesus said...

"ShooFly Pie" bears a resemblance to Ry Cooder's version of "Crow Black Chicken" from "Boomer's Story" mixed with "Sailin Shoes" era Little Feat. Two of my favorite records. Thanks.

whattawino said...

Look Out! The Wood's are BURNIN' on Burning Wood!
The first two songs are stellar performances and I can see why they would just KILL live! Thanks for the treats!
I must get me some Wood, now!

Robin said...

I was trying to figure out what/who "ShooFly Pie" reminded me of. Thanks @bbj.

Just love these, will check out Wood Bros further. Thank you!

A walk in the woods said...

Sh-weeeet! I'd never heard of them, but they sound great. Would burn up the Fais-Do-Do stage at the N'Awlins Jazz Fest!

kevin m said...

Hey Sal - This was a great night. The Wood Bros was a fun surprise and I'm pretty at the point where I think Derek can give up the Allmans and focus full time on this band. They're that good.

Great to see you as well.