Friday, October 12, 2012

"And The Nominees Are..." : THE WEEKEND MIX

This collection of tunes might not the best representation of the 15 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame nominees, but with the exception of N.W.A. and Paul Butterfield, who were included to keep things honest, these happen to favorites of mine.


Just Kissed My Baby- The Meters
I Want Your Love- Chic
Tour De France- Kraftwerk
Bring The Noise- Public Enemy
Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead- The Marvelettes
Two Trains Running- Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Red Barchetta- Rush
I Think It's Going To Rain Today- Randy Newman
Our Love- Donna Summer
Flight Of The Rat- Deep Purple
A Salty Dog- Procol Harum
Make Believe- Joan Jett
Love Alive- Heart
The Very Thought Of You- Albert King
Straigh Outta Compton- N.W.A.



iggy said...

Thanks so much, Sal. Another classic.


buzzbabyjesus said...

Good work, as usual.


Great stuff Sal -- many thanks!

Christine said...

Nice selection. Now, I'm going to blast N.W.A once more to let all these punk motherfuckers in my office know I mean BUSINESS when I say I'm leaving ON TIME today!

dogbreath said...

Hard to believe that given their longevity some of these guys aren't in the Hall of Fame already, isn't it? Is the Kraftwerk tune a Lance Armstrong reference? Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal a great selection especially the Paul Butterfield track



A walk in the woods said...

Hilarious, Christine... and, nice mix, Sal!

A walk in the woods said...

By the way - Heart's "A Love Alive" is a major find for me. Thanks for including that one Sal - had never heard it and it's kind of my new (old) fave tune!

I could hear a band like the Foo Fighters doing a bigger-sized version of this...

Albert said...

I'm looking at this playlist thinking once again(annually it the RRHOF is so far removed from being a RRHOF....Chic?...but kudos to Deep Purple,Rush and to a slightly lesser extent Heart..actually a larger is that you Christine??....Jesus...out of the Monmouth Knitting Club for sure now....