Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bob & Sam & James & Dave & Frank (And Isaac & David, while we're at it)

The track above is great.

But this version from James & Bobby Purify kicks ass!

Then there is Frank Lee Sprague of the genius Sprague Brothers from Texas who put together this gem of a cover.

Let's review.

Sam & Dave plus James & Bobby Purify plus Bad Company equals Frank Lee Sprague.

Check it out.

(h/t Bobby Siems)

And while I've got you, take a minute and hop over to Burning Love? for a discussion on cover versions.


Anonymous said...

maybe no comments b/c the player is being balky (for me, at least). still, what I can hear, it's a neat guitar figure that makes the beat looser.


It is a very cool song.

I expect our creative commenting energy was over at Burning Luv -- no reflection on Frank Lee Sprague.

whattawino said...

The player was giving me some grief as well on the
Sprague tune, but eventually loaded all the way. But let me say this: that tune is like a worm that gets in your brain and it's been in and out of my waking moments as well as dream time too. There's something really amazing going on and Frankly, ahem, I love it!

Troy said...

Player wasn't working well yesterday, so I came back over here today to try again. That is one amazing track. Any chance that ends up on a Burning Wood weekend mix sometime? Thanks, Sal.