Friday, October 26, 2012

"You've Changed" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Someone very close to me said, "YOU'VE CHANGED." I don't believe it was said as a compliment, and quite honestly, it's been haunting me. The same subject matter came up with another friend yesterday, though in this conversation, the word "change" was never spoken. This conversation was more about feeling good by doing good, and maybe becoming a better person for it. I'd like to think of myself as someone who fits into the latter conversation and not someone like say...Lawrence Talbot, as portrayed by Lon Chaney Jr. above, or possibly a similar character when I inspired my friend to say "YOU'VE CHANGED."

Needless to say, I am still thinking about it all.

I didn't spend hours over this mix. I've been a bit under the weather, and quite frankly, I am old enough to feel the humidity and dampness in my bones. I've been dragging from room to room like Fred Sanford.

So forgive me for using these pages to vent a bit. I've never been one to keep quiet about things that bother me.

As for the music, well the theme is obvious if a bit thin. Still, as I always say, it sounds good altogether.

Have a good weekend.

And for all you Northeasterners, especially those in low-lying areas...



People Change- Nick Lowe
Change Is Now- The Byrds
Sing The Changes- The Fireman
Everything Changes- Matthew Sweet
Everybody's Got To Change- The London Souls
Things Change- Dwight Yoakam
She Rings The Changes-Martin Newell
Change Is Hard- She & Him
If You Change Your Mind-Raspberries
Changes- the Zombies
Change It- Stevie Ray Vaughan
Money Changes Everything- The Brains



Anonymous said...

What, no Ch-ch-ch-changes?

J. Loslo

Anonymous said...

love love love that Raspberries song.

you keep being you, sal!

Sid from London said...

Maybe you're obsessing just a little, Sal Try looking at it another way...

James A. Gardner said...

Get well, batten the hatches, remember, some change is good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal for another share. Loved the Byrds and Brains tracks



jeff k said...

Gee, Sal, you've really changed.

Anonymous said...

The first song I thought of when I saw the subject of this week's mix was the lead-off Nick Lowe song. That's a great song, and I really like Chrissie Hynde's backing vocals.

People do indeed change, but maybe that's not so bad.


dogbreath said...

Nice little batch of Changelings, thanks for uploading, and I would probably add that Doors tune to the mix. And straight away I can hear He Who Is Ozzy sing "I'm going through changes" (the Sabbath version not the Ozzy & Kelly one) so that's a given for me. Keep well & thanks for keepin' on...

Eric said...

"And for all you Northeasterners, especially those in low-lying areas...


Epic, sal.... if they had racoon lodge for venting, you'd be the king.. word is Todie Fields secretly handed the venting mantle to u after her last mike douglas appearance...

A walk in the woods said...

This is a really good mix. The Byrds song is like a true revelation to me - wow! Why wasn't that song a huge hit at the time?

And the She & Him song even makes me like them a little bit. I had loathed them up 'til now.