Friday, November 30, 2012

"A Request For Some Funk" : THE WEEKEND MIX

(I had written 3 paragraphs of copy, as well as a few notes on some of the songs. Blogger lost it, along with my patience. Forgive me. )


More Hipper- Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen
Weak At The Knees- Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame
I'm Too Tough For Mr. Big Stuff- Vicki Anderson
Astrological Soul Train- Bobby Boseman
I Get Lifted- George McRae
Shotgun Slim- Dyke & The Blazers
Tippi-Toes- The Meters
Tamborine- Prince
Tchfunkta- Stanton Moore
Think (About It)- Lyn Collins
Chocolate City- Parliament
Thank You- Sly & The Family Stone



Les said...

I'm completely bummed blogger f'd up your commentary! But I'm looking forward to the download and listen, it looks great! Thank you :)

Gene Oberto said...

Like Bryan Ferry...Restraint.

The words must have shrunk when you picked out the funk

dogbreath said...

A cool (quite literally in my neck of the woods)weekend mix & the George McRae track does exactly what it says on the tin. Cheers & have a good weekend!

charlie c. said...

How close was Morris Day & the Time to making the cut?!?

Gene Oberto said...

Charlie C. the second best thing in Purple Rain. Love those guys...#thewalk