Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fair Warning, Good People

After finding myself on the other side of Hurricane Sandy relatively unscathed, yesterday and today-- two perfectly brisk and sunny fall days I might add--the machines have decided to take over with no apparent provocation.

The computer has frozen a number of times, claiming my external HD is drawing too much power. It has taken upon itself to disable things like my mouse (to save power?) leaving me with a frozen screen and no way of fixing it because I have no mouse and...MY SCREEN IS FROZEN.

While this was going on, the DVR box has decided it no longer wants to turn on with just a simple push of the power button. No. It needs to reboot. Not once, but twice. And the reboot takes 30-45 minutes, and even then, there is digital distortion. So much like Peking Duck, if I want to watch a sporting event at 7PM, I must turn on my TV at 5PM.

Is any of this really important?

Of course not. It'll all come together. I only mention it because tomorrow's "Weekend Mix" will be late.


buzzbabyjesus said...

I had to buy a new monitor yesterday.
The old one started going out. I'd turn it off, back on, and it would work awhile. I sympathize.

A walk in the woods said...

The gremlins, the gremlins...