Friday, November 9, 2012

"Oh, Heavy Sigh" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Today's collection of songs is the product of three separate ideas.

Starting with the news of, preparation for, arrival and aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, moving into Election Day and the excitement, fear, stress, sweat and agita brought on by both red and blue (mostly red), and culminating with a second storm, the Nor'easter named Athena, which added insult to injury in the form of 3-14 inches of snow and ice dumped on the poor people who had already been decimated by the first storm and left without power, heat, water, food and gasoline (and those are the lucky ones) I've been drained of all energy. My mind is mush. Seriously, blink my way and I am liable to smack you in the teeth, start sobbing, or laugh like a mental patient.

That being said, I think this "Weekend Mix" represents all of that and more.


If you're aren't familiar with "The New Favourites Of Brinsley Schwarz" I suggest you find it immediately. A fantastic record, with a perfect Side One.

I hadn't mentioned Ken Stringfellow's new record "Danzig In The Moonlight" when it was released because it just hadn't penetrated. Since then, it has become one of my faves of the year. It's like a seven-layer cake of pop genius.

Wycliffe Gordon is a brilliant New Orleans trombonist, but on this original tune, he plays piano and wordlessly expresses everything from bliss to heartache.

It was Andy Partridge of XTC who drew my attention to Judee Sill, and this tune is one of his and now one of my favorites. Hauntingly beautiful. (Or beautifully haunting. Take your pick.)

I thanked my friend Jeff K. for The Galaxies. He told me to thank Bill Barol. Thanks to both of you for this incredible band. This song in particular will be the subject of Monday's "Burning Love?" so stay tuned.

James Booker? No words, as always.


If you can...


Honky Tonkin'- Hank Williams
The Right To Love You- The Mighty Hannibal
Bread- Todd Rundgren
Ever Since You're Gone- Brinsley Schwarz
Pray- Ken Stringfellow
Blessed- Wycliffe Gordon
Ole Man Trouble- L.A. Getaway
Heart Of Saturday Night- Dion
Sunshine & Peace Of Mind- The Wind
The Kiss- Judee Sill
What Am I Doing Hangin' Round- The Monkees
An Ocean Between Us- The Galaxies
When My Ship Comes In- Jill Sobule
People Get Ready- James Booker
Over The Rainbow- Homer & Jethro



buzzbabyjesus said...

Andy Partridge turned me onto Judee Sill, too. A very sad story. Sadder than Nick Drake, even.
I like "Jesus Was A Cross Maker".

iggy said...

Thanks for this set, Sal. Even way out here in the old west we've been thinking about you and your neighbors every day, and hoping for better days. I think the election gives us a chance for those. Have a good weekend. All the best,


Anonymous said...

Judee Sill's Heart Food was the standard makeout album at Miami of Ohio in the mid 70's. WOXR represent.

Dr Wu said...

Very excited about this mix, Sal. As I am for all of your Weekend mixes. Thanks for all you do. Yours is always an interesting place to visit on the world-wide web. Stay positive. Best wishes to you and yours. Cheers.


I'm lovin' it! Thanks Sal.

Can't wait to see what The Galaxies and Burning Luv get up to Monday.

whattawino said...

This is some kinda set, sir!...Thanks for helping me get
through some seriously strained days. What's better than music!....I mean, ya know?

Anonymous said...

Nice mix, I didn't read all your words but I'm sure they're triff!

I to am anonymous.

A walk in the woods said...

Nice, mixing in some Judee Sill! I am kind of obsessed with her, especially her most amazing song ever, "The Donor." That songs gives me the chills every time.