Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Do you know what it means to miss your machines?

My Mac has been doing two things consistently for a little less than a week now--freezing because something is drawing too much power (bullshit), or losing the internet connection.

The former, I'm told from 4 separate iMac experts at Apple, could be a bad USB port, a bad USB wire, or something worse where the Mac doesn't recognize my keyboard so it searches to discover a wireless mouse thru Bluetooth.

To "unfreeze" I must reboot by holding down a number of keys, while powering up simultaneously. This move is something a limber circus freak would take issue with.

While that shit is going on, Time Warner Cable has been a mess. I turn on my TV and the screen remains black while the box unnecessarily boots up. Could take 15 minutes, or it could take 45 minutes. When it does boot up, the picture is tiled and the audio is distorted. Time Warner is coming on Wednesday to swap the box, but what they haven't addressed is the loss of my signal in a completely different part of the apartment. It happens as frequently as every 5 minutes.


What that means is--

I'll start to download something, lose the signal, and that's that.

Worse, I'll type up and prep something, lose the signal, and have to start over.

Same with uploading music for Burnings Wood & Love.

In the grand scheme of things, you know....blah blah.

But in my tiny world, it's the makings of a very miserable me.

On top of that, well there's just everything else.

Stay tuned.

I managed to get a "Song Of The Day" posted.  Maybe in a few hours, I'll get something up besides my blood pressure.


kevin m said...

like the song of the day. i've always thought "black and blue" is an overlooked stones album

Anonymous said...

I feel for you. I'm a pretty even tempered guy EXCEPT when I'm dealing with computers. Something about the irrationality of what they throw at you coupled with the emasculating helplessness you feel, drives me batshit crazy.
BUT hang in there; won't be long before you'll be looking back at it all and wondering what on earth you were so upset about. Good luck and thank you, looking forward to service as usual.

big bad wolf said...

that's a great opening, sal

A walk in the woods said...

I am a huge "Black And Blue" fan. In fact, I'm a huge fan of Stones slow songs, much more so than their rockers. I'll take Moonlight Mile or Loving Cup or I Am Waiting or Beast of Burden any day over Brown Sugar, etc.

As for computers - sending good fixin' vibes your way.