Friday, November 23, 2012

"Record Store/Scam Day" : THE WEEKEND MIX

It seems there are more Record Store Days than record stores."

I can't help but feel bitter towards Record Store Day. I watched my record store slowly fade into oblivion, serenaded by the relentless soundtrack of customers proclaiming "I stopped buying CDs. I threw away my vinyl. I don't listen as much anymore." Record Store Day came too late for me. Or maybe I just didn't have the foresight to prepare for the resurgence of the LP. Either way, I wish I was behind a counter and not in front of one.

The one thing that has never faded away is my hunger and desire for more music. And I don't just mean compressed files loaded into an expensive pocket toy. I still want to hold it and touch it and feel it and swoon as I remove that beguiling 12" piece of plastic from its sleeve, drop the needle and hear the first note of kick drum or power chord. Covers, gatefold and laminated. Vinyl, 7" or deep groove. Stereo or...sigh...mono. It has never gotten old for me.

Today, if I want to experience RSD, support the very places I long to be, and take home a handful of the limited edition treasures that are being released specifically for this event, I must rush frantically like some mental patient to grab what most NYC locations will either A) not even have in stock or B) have in stock but will be price-gouging for 50-75% over the suggested retail price. (Fuck you, Village Music World.)

The whole idea behind Record Store Day should be fun, but like most things in NYC, will be nothing but chaos and disappointment.

That being said, I will be on the hunt, slowly, politely, and with my best happy face.

Wish me luck and enjoy the Weekend Mix.

(And fuck you, Village Music World)


Street Fighting Man-Rolling Stones
I Predict A Riot- Kaiser Chiefs
Mama Told Me Not To Come- Three Dog Night
Girl In Golden Disc- The Records
Mine Exclusively- The Olympics
Nice 'n' Sleazy- The Stranglers
Cheating- The Animals
Damaged Goods- Gang Of Four
Tears All Over Town- A Girl Called Eddy
Even The Losers- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
I'll Get By- SWAG
Senses Working Overtime- XTC
Darkness On The Edge Of Town- Bruce Springsteen
My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down- The Ramones
Hang Onto Yourself- Arnold Corns
Stab Your Back- Damned
Clean My Wounds- Corrosion Of Conformity
Heroes & Villains- Geraint Watkins
Wearing & Tearing & Led Zeppelin
Both Sides Now- Jason Falkner




Great mix Sal!

I like the idea of Record Store Day but must say I find it too frantic and too hard to figure out let alone actually finding the records in which I'm interested.

Rather than riffing off the riots and fights one could go another direction and lament the decline of vinyl.

(Or maybe this song is about something else!)

Good luck shopping!

steward said...

Sal, I've started reading your Burning blogs for suggestions on music that will be new to me that I probably overlooked or was not exposed to at the time it was first released.

I'm fortunate enough to live close enough to a mid-Michigan college town that has one excellent and a couple very good indie music stores. I like physical media, although I prefer a well-mastered CD to vinyl.

I've been to a Record Store Day exactly once, too crowded for my tastes. On the other hand, for the past 30 years I get into the store I'm calling excellent once a week, walk out empty-handed maybe once every couple of years. I'm willing to have them special order for me, rather than come home and order through Amazon. Dave and Jon are often playing something that catches my ear. For me, Record Store Day is called "Wednesday".

Ah, well, thought I had a point, but I guess I don't. Just wanted to say your insight, commentary and musical selections are appreciated, and thanks for taking the time to post them.

whattawino said...

Sal baby, you outdone yo'self! This is a weekend mix to really give Thanks (with a capital T) for. Have you checked out the bands on that thing? Woo Whee!
It's getting loaded now (I'll start a little later) and I can't wait. You rock, sir....and fuck you Village Music World!

Troy said...

Sal, I agree on RSD being ridiculous and over-priced but, like you, cannot fully resist. That is why I was the 10th person in line outside my local record store (capacity: 6) this morning to get the new Marshall Crenshaw EP. They had exactly one copy, #321 of only 500 copies made. And though it was completely over-priced, it is now proudly sitting on my turntable where I have listened to it 4 times already. Happy happy, and bah humbug!

Theresa K. said...

the worlds is a better place with music lovers like you, sal.
and thanks for braving the chaos to make that extra LP purchase just for me.
love and bakery....

A walk in the woods said...

Nice looking mix Sal. I did get out and have some Record Store Day fun - I was able to resist getting the Marshall Crenshaw EP because I'm one of his vinyl backers behind that project and supposedly it'll arrive in the mail soon.

wardo said...

"It seems there are more Record Store Days than record stores."

Tru dat.

dogbreath said...

We don't have Record Store Days (don't think we have record stores anymore) but I get the idea from your song selection. U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For sums it up for me. Love the mix as per usual, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Nice selection Sal. I love the Olympics song what a cracker.

Great work



bglobe313 said...


The notion behind the current form of Record Store Day(s) is exactly the opposite of what got me to become a record store and recorded music fan.

For a high schooler without much money to spend, the discovery of cutouts and used music stores where I could pick up music that was not popular (or not currently popular) but that was great and at a reduced price was "the thrill of the hunt". Plenty of misses along the way, but also some stuff I bought just based on the cover or liner notes or one old review and came to love.

The current Record Store Day(s) by contrast is about INTENTIONALLY CREATED "rarities" at a high price and difficult to come by. No reward for knowledge, digging through piles of records or just taking a flyer.

Too much "collecting" and not enough "listening" for my taste.


Sal Nunziato said...

Right on, Ace!

YankeeBoy said...

I think Ace summed it up quite nicely for me: Too much about hype and BS and not enough about music.

Anonymous said...


If you are having trouble finding the releases in Brooklyn, my friends own Loney Tunes out on Long Island. For right or wrong they are pretty big and seem to get more than their fair share of the releases. Bad for other stores, good for locals. In fact they still have a bunch of things left.

I find that there isn't that much that I want to get when these days roll around. Wanted the Dead, Love, and Buddy Miller and got all three. The only ultra limited was the Buddy Miller so that was good for me.

I agree the ultra limited thing is a ploy. Frankly I could care less about numbered copies...I just want the music.

West Babylon is easy to reach via the LIRR to either Lindenhurst or Babylon with a short cab ride. They are ultra corporate compared to the old days, but they do stock some product (new selection is much better than used as far as vinyl goes).


Sal Nunziato said...


Thanks, but I found everything. Does Looney Tunes have a large used vinyl selection? Do they buy as well? <ight be worth a trip.

Anonymous said...

They do have a bit of used, not always the best quality. They do buy used as well, but I suspect they do not pay much. I think Infinity in Massapequa Park has a much better used section and better prices. I go there for used and to Looney Tunes for new.