Friday, December 7, 2012

"December '12" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Not quite feeling the Christmas music yet, but it will come. Until then, here's something I put together that admittedly, hasn't really been thought through. Once again, it's a bunch of ideas, one of which will hopefully be discussed over at Burning Love? starting Monday.

HINT: Siouxsie & The Banshees, AC/DC and The Cars

Enjoy nonetheless. Some great stuff here, and as I always say, it sounds good altogether.


The Magnificent Seven- Al Caiola
I Want Candy- The Strangeloves
Happy House- Siouxsie & the Banshees
Touch Too Much- AC/DC
Bye Bye Love- The Cars
Take'Em As They Come - Bruce Springsteen
Scared Kid- The Brains
Mr. Skin- Spirit
Taxman- Junior Parker
Jack, You're Dead- Louis Jordan
Sure Gonna Miss Her- Gary Lewis & The Playboys
Hold On Tight - L'il Band O' Gold



iggy said...

Nice, Sal. Thanks and happy days.


A walk in the woods said...

That Strangeloves song has been going through my head lately, but didn't have it until now - thanks!

And I'm hoping that Bad Brains cut is from their new LP which you said was one of your faves of the year - I don't know much about that band.

Sal Nunziato said...


It's the Brains, not the Bad Brains. Sorry.

Chris Collins said...

this is one of my favorite mixes in a while.

A guy called Tak said...

Al Caiola, Spirit and Gary Lewis on one platter! It has to be goooood!
Thanx, Sal!

Anonymous said...

Very eclectic mix Sal, forgot how good the Magnificent seven soundtrack was and I want candy by the Strangloves. Great selection.



ken49 said...

Big fan of Lil Band O Gold's Hold on Tight. I believe it also was on one of your New Orleans mixes. Just a great groove as is so much of New Orleans music.