Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Why Christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year, why the current state of pop music sucks, why I miss Andy Williams and why I get all ramped up and nasty occasionally wrapped up in a 4 minute gob of musical phlegm.

This actually makes me angry.


buzzbabyjesus said...

Everything about it makes me angry too. Anyone who wonders why better not ask.

Gene Oberto said...

There's only one other band that would be brain dead enough to try a stunt like this would be The Coors.

Unicorns? Christmas? WTF?

Robin said...

When I first started to see the visuals, I thought they were lovely. Though I wasn't quite sure other than horses and snow how some of it matched the tone of "Jingle Bells". There wasn't any "dashing" really and no one seemed to be laughing all the way. I was expecting to see Amy Lee step out and sing about her Immortal, Very Special Christmas version with Enya.

Still I thought you were all being overly grumpy. :) So sue me- I like pretty things. But then they started to sing...WTF? What were they thinking? I guess they weren't thinking.

Then I read the comments on YouTube about how this improved "Jingle Bells". Improved? It's a truly silly song you can't make it "un-silly", deep or beautiful. What happened to the singalong melody? It's supposed to be a fun ride. it doesn't sound like "fun" at all.

So yeah, this ended up making me grumpy too, and I love, love, love holiday music (and snow and horses).

And now I will go listen to Ella's version of the song, and that will make the world all shiny and new again, and fun, if Ella can't make me smile and make Christmas music swing, and give this silly song back to me, no one can.

Rob said...

Thanks, Sal. Just what I needed - a reason to feel even more depressed and alienated by the comsumer fuckfest.

Hey - apologies for not contributing of late, it's just been life, y'know? Messes you about sometimes and leaves you in places you'd rather not be. Hope all is as well as can be with you - I'm glad you're out there.

And as for that buzzbaby guy - he is a most righteous fellow, so best to him too.

See you on the other side.

mckee said...


It's also a reminder as to why we need stronger gun laws in this country.

Yipes, what rhymes with ipecac?

Jeff McKee
Richmond, Va.

Noam Sane said...

I had a similar experience when I heard a wifty female folk version of Harry Nilsson's "One" on the way home in the car today. I wanted to reach through the radio and throttle her, whomever she was.

Looked it up when I got home. Aimee Mann, a hipster bullshit artist whom I've long held in violent disregard.

At least for once she was singing a song with a decent melody. But that chick is a great big zero.

William Repsher said...

On a scale of 1 to 10, using those vomitous Pomplamoose Hyundai Christmas commercials from a few years ago, you know, the ones that make any sane person want to strangle the next hipster he lays eyes on ... this is about a four!

A walk in the woods said...

I dig many Christmas songs, but this one put the hurtin' on me. Ouch!

Bill said...

But it has unicorns and a lower case e amidst all those capital letters. That's got to mean Christmas somewhere.

Thank you for posting the 3 Wise Men song yesterday. Totally makes up for this slice of sadness.

Ken D said...

Try to think of it as a four-minute commercial for stock photography—with the junior account exec's idea for the soundtrack ...

Jerry Lee said...

Very lazy video, very bad interpretation.

Anonymous said...

Well if anyone chose to do any research or if you knew ANYTHING....this video was not done nor endorsed by SHeDAISY. Someone took their song and added their own images and ideas to the music! Check your facts!!

Sal Nunziato said...

Hey Anonymous--

The version sucks! No one cares about the video.