Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Thoughts Of 2012

Every year about this time, my mind tilts like an abused pinball machine. The first of the year is the perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean and really give life the ol' college try...again. Where did I go wrong the year before? Where did I go right? If I didn't do it then, well then I'm doing it now. If I did do it and I shouldn't have, well then I need to make sure I do something else.

For the last few years, I kicked off the new year with breakfast at Nathan's and then a swim with the Polar Bears at Coney Island. That brief dip into the icy waters of Brooklyn was ideal. Like a human reboot. Post-Hurricane Sandy obstacles have complicated this year's swim, so me and the boys have decided to postpone this year's demented baptism until 2014. Still, I feel like there is a golden opportunity in January 1st and I'd rather not see it go to waste.


I don't necessarily want to give anything up. I'm not a smoker. I eat well, though it could be better.  I am not addicted to television.

I have a short fuse. I take things personally. I stew. I find myself wondering...obsessing really... why people, family and friends, do what they do rather than just accepting what they do. Tolerance and acceptance. This is what I'm thinking about for 2013.

Conversely, I'd like to see friends and family behave the same way. Less scrutiny and criticism. More communication. Less passive-aggression.

Ultimately, we are all good people. Some happier than others. But trust me on this, life feels a lot better when you try to work things out. That thing you did in 1979 that really screwed things up between you and that guy? Let it go. That thing you said and for some reason keep saying, over and over again, it ain't helping. It can't possibly feel better to be angry.

Let's all stop pointing fingers and laying blame. 

As a wise friend once said, "He doesn't hate you. He hates himself."

Words of wisdom that we all can relate to.

We can all do a little soul searching. No one is off the hook.

Be kind. 

Don't lose your passion for life. Food. Music. Theatre. Art.

If someone tells you to relax or calm down, unless your screaming or wielding an axe, tell them to fuck off.

Get excited! It's okay.

As per usual, I will spending New Year's Eve at the 24 Hour Female Full-Contact Karate Karaoke Gym & BBQ in Corona.

Whatever you do, have fun.

Drive safe.

Don't forget to tip the wait staff.








soundsource said...

great clip, how did you get The Edge to play bass?

Gene Oberto said...

A thought came to me watching that clip.

Maybe some of that passive aggression would go away some if you pounded those skins more.

Happy New Year, Sal. To you and all the pals I read on your site-have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.

misospecial said...

so with you on the proper response to "calm down!" usually so hostile in its delivery... unfortunately the "i am rubber you are glue" riposte doesn't seem quite appropriate anymore, though i am often tempted.

jeff k said...

up yours

Chris Collins said...

well said

Happy new year, Sal

Les said...

Happy New Year Sal!

Paul in Brentwood said...

Sal, your 'blog is a daily treat. Today's post has been the best; thank you. Here's to a wonderful 2013 for you!

Alan said...

Sal, great post, and thanks. Have a great New Year. I'm really looking forward to seeing you in New Orleans sometime soon. Have a gin bloody in honor of Bob French. Goodbye to fucking 2012.

J. Loslo said...

Well, okay, but I'm still going with "lose twenty pounds."

Happy New Year, and thanks for all the tunes.

charlie c. said...

No swim?!?
Next year I want to attend.
Breakfast at Nathan's seems like a can't miss . . .

kevin m said...

Well done Sal. Thanks and Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

T-Bone Wolk, Marshall Crenshaw and Sal. When was this supergroup formed?
Are there any more clips?
Did you guys ever play at Daryl's House?

Great thoughts for the new year.

dogbreath said...

Thanks for all the great music you introduced me to, or reminded me of, in 2012. Keep on keeping on. Oh yeah, Happy New Year!

elizabeth said...

A belated happy New Year and many thanks - for the clip, the choice of song and another year of Burning Wood.