Friday, December 14, 2012


This is the first of a few planned holiday-related mixes. Like years before, the mixes I enjoy compiling and posting aren't filled exclusively with tunes about Christmas specifically. Some have nothing at all to do with the holiday. It's how I like it. Keeps me less cranky. Less twitchy. I love Christmas music. All of it. The big hymns. Anything with sleigh bells. Just has to be taken in small doses and occasionally with a mixer.

Starting off with the brand new single from my very fave local power punkers, Wyldlife. Might not be your usual soundtrack while you're stuffing your stockings, but who am I to say.

The Spiraling track is pure genius.

The Greedies, basically Phil Lynott fronting some Sex Pistols, is another fave.

Speaking of genius, check out Dollar Store reimagining Cher's big autotuned hit, "Believe."

Enjoy mix #1


Piss The Season- Wyldlife
Joy To the World- The Fab Four
Indian Giver- Squirrel Nut Zippers
When I'm Dead & Gone- Joe Brown
Summer Can't Come Too Soon- A.J. Croce
Christmas- Chuck Berry
Do You Hear What I Hear- Spiraling
Believe- Dollar Store
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town- The Revillos
A Merry Jingle- The Greedies
(There's No War On Christmas) When Christmas Is In Your Heart- The Mockers
Winter- Teenage Fanclub



jeff k said...

really enjoying this. many thanks.


Hey Santa Sal,

Excellent mix!

Seems to me the trick with Christmas music is to not take it too seriously on either the "great" or "horrible I want to puke" ends of the scale.

There ain't much worse than really bad Christmas music -- as you proved this week -- but at its best ...

I have a little project where for each day of Advent I send a Christmas song to some friends and family. I won't go all Burning Luv on you here but a few old rocker Burning Wooders might enjoy the song I shared today.

All I Want For Christmas by Master Slash Slave:

Ho Ho Ho!

Anonymous said...

Great mix! Thanks.

Bruce H

cmealha said...

No wonder you're so miserable, listening to this stuff. Just get the Cee-Lo Green Christmas album and have some fun!
I kid because I care.

dogbreath said...

Thank you for another enjoyable little mix. With Christmas tune cocktails I'm a big fan of stirring the schmaltzy with the cynical - it's that ying and yang thing (Could you leave ying and yang out of this for once - ed) and I'll probably purloin a couple of your picks for my own. Roll on Oh Joy #2!