Friday, February 8, 2013

"Flog & Poke" : THE WEEKEND MIX

As promised, a mix of two recent obsessions, prog and folk.

I thought of keeping it one or the other until the I saw my prog compilation only had three songs. (They run long, you know.)

I imagine this collection won't be for everyone, but I do wish you'd give it a shot even if you're usually of the mind that acoustic music has no place in your world. It's not all lutes, lyres and fairies.


For years I've seen, held, browsed, and flipped over Caravan's catalogue without ever hearing a note of their music. I finally got around to it and man, those first two or three records are keepers.

There was so much John Martyn and Al Stewart I wanted to use, and I'm not sure the two songs I chose are the best representation, but I do love them both. The Martyn track is produced by Phil Collins and it is really quite lovely. The Al Stewart track is from one of my favorite albums of his, "Love Chronicles." It also happens to feature Jimmy Page on lead guitar for all of it.

Mike Heron of the Incredible String Band who has nothing to do with the band Heron and all of whom are included here, released and outstanding solo record "Smiling Men With Bad Reputations." This track features the band "Tommy & The Bijoux," that is, Pete Townshend, Ronnie Lane and Keith Moon. Duncan Browne and John Cale happen to be on there, as well.

I want to thank BuzzBabyJesus for the Davy Graham track, which has been on heavy rotation since the e-mail arrived.

Okay you folkies and proggers, dig in!

 It'll be good for ya!


Ride- Caravan
Angie- Bert Jansch
First Girl I Loved-Incredible String Band
Sweet Little Mystery- John Martyn
Life & Life Only- Al Stewart
John Brown- Heron
Sat'd'y Barfly- Family
Matty Groves- Fairport Convention
Fool- Trees
Warm Heart Pastry- Mike Heron
Both Sides Now- Davy Graham
Gresford Disaster- The Albion Band



soundsource said...

ok I haven't even listened yet (matter of fact it's still downloading() but I'm going on record now as saying this is a great mix. Call it intuition or premonition or even just plain stupidinition I think we have another winner here from Mr. Wood.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Nicely done. It's actually quite savvy to combine the folk and prog. The line between is rather fuzzy. They were the "underground" music of the day.
Here is Genesis doing both on a rare single from 1972. Enjoy "Happy The Man" with the catchy phrase "Like a nun with a gun, I'm wonderful fun".
feel free to download and add to the mix.

Anonymous said...

yup. I started smiling halfway through reading the list. Don't know them all, but there's some tasty stuff on there

dogbreath said...

Thanks for this mix which will be on heavy rotation this weekend. Can never get enough Sandy Denny and her singing on "Matty Groves" is a particular fave. Beautiful stuff.

steve simels said...

Caravan is one of those bands I've been meaning to check out one of these days for over forty years.

buzzbabyjesus said...


I finally got to Caravan last year. Any fan of Procol Harum need not fear them.