Friday, February 1, 2013

"Not-So-Random February" : THE WEEKEND MIX

I know many of you are waiting for the next Kinks installment and some of you are waiting for the British folk/prog mix. Both are coming. But for this weekend, please attempt to enjoy a not-so-random selection of tunes that have been making a home in my head for the last week.


Led Zep fans will recognize the Ritchie Valens song as yet one more song appropriated by one James Patrick Page. (You know I love Jimmy, but man that list never ends.)

The Ruben Blades track was written by Elvis Costello, but that's not why I love it. It's that monster chorus.

Why the Midnight Oil track wasn't a huge hit is beyond me? It wasn't released that long after their MTV success, so...a big "hmmm" from me on that one.

Sacrilege I guess, to prefer Katy Moffat's cover over John Hiatt's original, but I do.

I'm a big fan of Peter Bogdanovich's film "The Thing Called Love" with River Phoenix. As a matter of fact, Peter was a semi-regular at my shop for a short time. Nice enough guy, but a bit cool for my tastes, especially on my turf. Until the one afternoon I said, "You know, it's always bothered me that the River Phoenix version of Blame It On Your Heart didn't make the soundtrack." (Clip up top) His eyes lit up and suddenly we were best friends. "Isn't he amazing in that film?" We discussed the movie, how he was preparing a special edition for DVD (which did indeed get released) and from that point on, he remembered my name when he came into the store. Anyway, Deborah Allen's version of "Blame It On Your Heart" is here and I love it, too.

The all sounds good together.


Lola Stars & Stripes- The Stills
World Shut Your Mouth- Julian Cope
It Don't Come Easy- George Harrison
Chalk One Up For Albert's Side- Jim Boggia
Ooh! My Head- Ritchie Valens
The Stroll- The Diamonds
The Miranda Syndrome- Ruben Blades
Precious Love- Bob Welch
Half Man Half Wrecking Ball- Umajets
Outbreak Of Love- Midnight Oil
Baby Baby- The Vibrators
It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night, That Chewed Your Ass Out All Day Long-
The Notorious Cherry Bombs
Human- The Pretenders
Blame It On Your Heart- Deborah Allen
The Good Part- Wilco
We Ran- Katy Moffat
Working Girl- The Members
Till I Hear It From You- Gin Blossoms



Anonymous said...

love the video to the Cherry Bombs song.

Sal, when you do get around to that English folk/rock mix, I stumbled across Pierre Bensusan's cds at the library after that discussion. He sounds like a French Bert Jansch. And maybe check out the Smoke Fairies on utube (read about them in a Baker's Dozen picks from, of all people, Gary Numan).

iggy said...

Thanks, Sal. Great way to start February. You always expand my limited horizons. All the best,


steve simels said...

That Gin Blossoms song has always had a place in my heart.

That Beach Boys falsetto at the end knocked me out of my chair the first time I heard it. Then I looked at the credit and learned it was co-written by Marshall Crenshaw, and it all made sense.

A walk in the woods said...

Looking forward to hearing the Bob Welch - another of my favorite Fleetwood Mac playas!!

cmealha said...

Now I remember the Zep tune having a credit for Mrs Valens. I thought that was on the original release. Am I wrong?

Sal Nunziato said...

I stand corrected, cmealha. There is indeed a Mrs. Valens credit. I didn't remember that at all.

Anonymous said...

The Cherry Bombs song - what a great title.

The Katy Moffet song is an absolute winner.

Thanks Mr Sal



soundsource said...

love the Katy Moffat song haven't thought of it in so long now I gotta pull out the album thanks

stivseed said...

I always look forward to a mix, you`re a great "Song Guy". I don`t know if you`re aware but Frank Bango has finally finished and released TouchyFeely, which he started in 2011 but was held up when he got cancer. It`s got a big lead on my Album of the Year voting, I can`t stop listening. Check it out, I think you`ll really like it.


soundsource said...

the song by the notorious cherry bombs is on of the reasons I love country music. thanks again for reminding me of another great one

kevin m said...

Surprised you didn't do a New Orleans/Super Bowl mix.

cmealha said...

The Bob Welch and Pretender cuts are to absolute all-time gems