Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ladies & Germs, Miss Brandy Clark

Now this is what I'm talking about!

You see, all that has to happen for me to be a little less cranky about new music is for one of these buzzy, pain-in-the-ass, bearded artists moping around with their guitars to write something as clever and nasty and witty and melodic as this.

Way to go, Nashville!

(h/t Soundsource)


buzzbabyjesus said...

It's a song!

John Peden said...

catchy to say the least

William Repsher said...

You should try the new album that came out today by Caitlin Rose - The Stand-In. Sampled it earlier tonight, and nearly every song is a winner. A lot like Eleni Mandell when she's in peak form.

Ken D said...

Great song. Thanks for the introduction. I'm definitely going to look for more Brandy Clark.