Friday, March 8, 2013

"March Madness" : THE WEEKEND MIX

This mix was inspired. Today's copy? Not so much.


Besides, I'm sure you'd rather read than listen.

Spotify playlist is 75% complete. No APB, Locksley, Pixies, Finn Brothers or Hotlegs. (Those are all good ones, too.)

Enjoy the zip.

Remember, it sounds good altogether.


Ain't Got You- Bruce Springsteen
Squonk- Genesis
Mr. Wilson- John Cale
Wild Honey- Beach Boys
One Day- APB
Nadine- Chuck Berry
Let Me Know- Locksley
Head On- The Pixies
My Name Is Jack- Manfred Mann
Not Where It's At- Del Amitri
Mary Of The South Seas- Finn Brothers
Michael & Heather At The Baggage Claim- Fountains Of Wayne
Young Bride- Midlake
Today- Hotlegs
I've Got This Feeling- The Mavericks
I Don't Want To Tie You Down- Todd Rundgren
(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)- The Hotrats
Sub-Rosa Subway- Klaatu
Hammer To Fall- Queen
Rock 'n' Roll Suicide- Ok Go w/Bonerama



iggy said...

Thanks Sal. Being a long-time ACC fan I can truly appreciate the madness.


whattawino said...

WOW...Squonk!...what a pull, Sal. It's been waaay too long since I'd heard that one. Slammed me right back to 1976..Thanks, mister. Oh, and the rest of the mix is looking terrific as well.

charlie c. said...

I never heard 'Mr. Wilson', just scanned the lyrics on www - glad it's Brian and not Dennis's neighbor. Reading the list makes me want to hear a) Beasties & b) Mister Go.
I will listen when I get home and finish shoveling the snow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr Sal

I had forgotten about the Manfred Mann song , great to get a memory jolt.



dogbreath said...

Ditto! Been playing "The Five Faces of Manfred Mann" this week. Prefer the Paul Jones vocal led band to Mike D'Abo who replaced him, but "My Name Is Jack" is great - who doesn't love songs with whistling in? Another fine mess - sorry, mix - to enjoy, for which, many thanks.