Monday, March 18, 2013

Please Say Hello To...It's Only Mock & Roll

That's right. A new blog for your entertainment.


Check it out. Take it in. You'll get the picture.

Bookmark it. Love it. Share it.    

Check it often.

Links are under the Burning Wood header and below the chatbox on the right.

Have fun!

I know I am.


A walk in the woods said...

Sal - hilarious. Especially the Sting "Message In A Goblet" bit, the Bowie album copies... this is going to be entertaining.

Is there a spot on there to leave comments?

allen vella said...

This is what we need today Sal!...It reminds me of my favorite NYCD newsletters of yore...yes, to laugh, at the world, at others, at ourselves, and all together...thank you for this new diversion! Excellent work dear sir.

Ken D said...

An excellent addition to the Nunziato media empire!

Any way to leave responses, comments, hosannas?

buzzbabyjesus said...

I think no comments is part of the plan.

Elroy said...

Excellent start! Thanks!

Les said...

Sweet. Count me among the entertained.

Anonymous said...

Sal - sorry, but... don't quit your day blog.

jeff k said...

good to see you feel free to voice your opinion and everyone's entitled to disagree, but to say something like that while hiding behind the cloak of anonymity is kind of gutless.