Friday, March 15, 2013

"Still Got The Blues" : THE WEEKEND MIX


Homework- Otis Rush
By The Water- Snooks Eaglin
Bell Bottom Blues - Derek & the Dominoes
Let Me Down Easy- Freddie King w/James Booker
Cause We've Ended As Lovers (Live)- Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton
I Got The Blues- Rolling Stones
Here's That Rainy Day- Wycliffe Gordon
Telephone Blues- John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
Blue Crescent- Dr. Michael White
Devil Got My Woman- Bonnie Raitt
Baby Come On Home- Led Zeppelin
Sweet Sixteen Bars- Ray Charles
A Long Night- Frank Sinatra
Time For The Sun To Rise- Earl King



charlie c. said...

And there ain't anything wrong with that! Like many a bluesman has said - the blues is not about feeling bad, it's about feeling good. Always a good time to relax in the foundation and timeless qualities of the format and the virtuosity. Looks like a nice set!

A walk in the woods said...

Cool. I thought I knew every Zep song, but I don't know that one! Been grooving on "Physical Graffiti"'s big box of treasures lately.

Thanks and have a great weekend Sal.

dogbreath said...

Any mix that has Led Zep and Ol' Blue Eyes fighting for elbow room can't be all bad! And you've got EC popping up a few times, including some superb playing from a young version on Mayall's "Telephone Blues". Excellent mixtape as always - cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sal

What a great blues mix



J. Loslo said...

Thanks, Sal. If I turn into a jazz fan, it's going to be all your fault. There is something about a clarinet...