Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Here's something to keep you occupied in the very best of ways while I sort things out. Two of the very best songwriters sharing a stage for the very first time-Neil Finn & Paul Kelly from the Sydney Opera House, with almost three hours of perfection. They run through each other catalogues, trading verses and harmonizing.

For those unfamiliar with these artists, I strongly suggest hitting play and just letting it run, even if you're not glued to the visual. 



oldkdawg said...

Thank you. This looks great. Didn't know anything about this. This is why I read your blog and a select group of other blogs. To enlighten me to new artists I haven't heard of and old artists that I missed originally. Also the stories and information that you and the other blog writers share. Reminds me of hanging around local record store with friends back in the day. Thanks again.

Elroy said...

Thanks Sal! I'm a big Neil Finn fan and have heard a bit of Paul Kelly too, looking forward to watching this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Big fan of both guys. Had no idea they had played together.
Rather startling that they look so, um, mature. But inspiring that they still sound so great and are still producing top quality work. (PK's new CD is excellent)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal!!!
Hope all is nearly well, and getting better soon!
Your readers need ya.

tinpot said...

Just finished watching the show. Outstanding. Two great songsmiths in good form and having a good time. Sound and picture excellent too.
If you're not familiar with PK, skip to 2:17 for an example of his great songwriting and singing.
Thank you, Sal, you make the world a better place.

Kodak Ghost said...

a great concert. Saw them outdoors in Adelaide. A great night from two wonderful artists. Thanks for the link.

stivseed said...

here`s something you may enjoy,if you have`n`t heard their stuff you may want to dive in. Taylor Goldsmith is a fantastic songwriter.

Ken J Xenozar said...

Wow. Some great performances of some songs I never really imagine in concert. E.g. Sinner. Now I need to find a set list to learn a little more about Paul Kelly