Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Time Has Come To Rock & Roll: Wyldlife, Take Two


---is a major rock and roll achievement. Go ahead. Write a song with this many hooks...make a record...have THIS much fun. It ain't easy.

Wyldlife's debut killed me. But I also recognized just what this band needed to do. It wasn't perfect first time around and from the sound of their new release, "The Time Has Come To Rock & Roll," (TTHCTRAR from here on out), they knew that, too. Another great achievement. All the loose ends on record #1 have tied up nicely for record #2.
The first single "Saturday Night," is an homage to the Bay City Rollers that almost works. Almost. But who cares.  Little Steven called it "the coolest song in the world" a few weeks ago, so what do I know?

The opener "The Right" is big. These kids know how to write a hook. Check out "Trash," or "First Time's The Worst." Or "Wasted." Wyldife wears their influences on their sleeves and for that we should be grateful. The Sweet, The Only Ones, Thin Lizzy and The Replacements all show up to the party, but at no time does TTHCTRAR feel like you're listening to the band's record collection. Wyldlife is smarter than that.

The thing I love most about "TTHCTRAR" is its consistency. Nothing on the record hits the highs of "City Of Inbreds," but a lot more comes close. That's a good sign and this is a great record.

It's below. Go get it.



buzzbabyjesus said...

I liked "The City Of Inbreds" better this time because I listened to it instead of watching it. Pretty cool.
Some good phrases in there. It's Rock N Roll. Nice to see some kids still want to do it instead of getting on "The Voice".


Okay ... either I'm OLD or I have very hip kids.

Had lunch with my daughter today and, speaking about music, I said how (on Sal's recommendation) I'd just bought the new Wyldlife.

My daughter said "yeah, I've seen them."

Both generations agree!

Thanks Sal.

Chris Collins said...

Love love love this band. I really do.

Eric said...

sal---awhile ago, when i was sick of the new americana bands and was looking for some young rockers, u turned me onto wyldlife and London souls.... couldn't be happier for feldman, tash etc

Anonymous said...

Not much there really and the video sucks.


Sal Nunziato said...

That sounds crankier than me, ROTP.

Anonymous said...

I was cranky last night.


Sammy said...

sal...i believe these boys have got something here...i'm glad to know it's not just me who thinks so...just wanted to mention that after at least two dozen listenings, i finally figured out the song that "out on the run" reminded me of...does "tumblin' dice" come to mind?