Friday, May 10, 2013

"The One Song..." : THE WEEKEND MIX

Anonymous suggested, "Only great song by artists you otherwise absolutely hate."

That's not quite what this Weekend Mix is, but it is a variation on that theme.

Of the 14 artists represented, Jefferson Starship & Ben Folds are the only two that I sorta hate. But I do love "Jane" & "Kate." I know most won't give me a hard time about the Starship, but I expect many of you dig Ben Folds. Let me just say, I've heard it all. It's not as if I was turned onto the wrong record. I've listened for years. He has his moments, but mostly I think he's smug and it's hard for me get beyond that. Even his best songs have a scent of irony that ruins the presentation.

I also don't hate the Gin Blossoms. I just don't get the Gin Blossoms. They are often lumped in with some of my favorite power pop bands, and with the exception of the Marshall Crenshaw-penned tune here, I don't hear anything that spectacular. Not even on that album everyone loves.

I can take or leave Pink Martini's retro big band sound, but "Hey Eugene" is a killer. And that's how the rest of this mix goes. The one song that knocks me out by artists that I can otherwise take or leave.

Never heard anything quite as good from Katy Moffat as her cover of John Hiatt's "We Ran." And when I first heard Lisa Marie Presley's first single, "Lights Out," I thought she had potential. Love what she's singing about. But that was, as they say, that.

Thanks for the inspiration, Anon.

Hope y'all dig it.


2040- Spy Mob
So Long- Fischer-Z
Hang Me Up To Dry- Cold War Kids
Lights Out- Lisa Marie Presley
Kate- Ben Folds Five
Even If You Don't -Ween
Jane- Jefferson Starship
I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Death Cab For Cutie
Obscurity Knocks- Trash Can Sinatras
Hey Eugene!- Pink Martini
We Ran- Katy Moffat
Back For Good- Take That
Till I Hear It From You- Gin Blossoms



soundsource said...

i still like the idea of a great bassline mix but any burning wood mix is a good mix to me

Les said...

I completely agree with the Lisa Marie. When I heard "Lights Out" I was hopeful then it quickly fizzled. The rest, I'll give a listen.

Ken D said...

Funny that the Gin Blossoms would make this set. I like them (especially that album everyone loves) but I'd guess the knock on them would be that all kinda sounds alike. For me anyway, no one song sticks out.

Not familiar with most of the other stuff except the Katy Moffat. Yeah, this was a peak for her.

Anonymous said...

my the-one-song-i-likes are usually from the UK - "C'mon Eileen," Breathe's "How Can I Fall," (gulp) "True" (god, i hate that commercial).

Shriner said...

Hey, I love Jefferson Starship. OK, I will not defend "Starship". And Nuclear Furniture mostly sucked.

Maybe it's my man-crush on Paul Kantner songs and his fascinating (to me) vocal style. An underrated rhythm guitar player, too.

But "Jane" is great. So is the whole "Freedom At Point Zero" album when you listen to it as a rock album and not with the Airplane baggage.

And I know I thanked Sal for the Ween track when it first made a playlist ages ago. "White Pepper" is such a great album, but, for me, it's the *only* Ween album I've liked.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I love the concept, but I can't go for any of this.

Sal Nunziato said...

"So is the whole "Freedom At Point Zero" album when you listen to it as a rock album and not with the Airplane baggage.'

I agree.

A walk in the woods said...

"Friend Of The Devil" is probably the only song I dig by the Grateful Dead - one staggeringly great song by a band that doesn't interest me much.

Anonymous said...

On Starship - go see 'em. Kantner is a riot - and still plays great. It's mostly Airplane ... and their lead singer Cathy Richardson ... oooohhhh Cathy - check out her solo stuff and her band the Microdots too. Wow!

dogbreath said...

I'm a big enough man to admit there are some secret guilty pleasures in the mix. Well worth the playback when there's no-one around! And welcome back btw.

Anonymous said...

Nice mix

Presley is harder edged than I thought she would be and love the Trash Can Sinatra's but Take That leave me wanting.



Anonymous said...

You hate Swan Dive? I'm impressed you even know them.

Sal Nunziato said...

Did I say I hated Swandive? Don't think I did.

bglobe313 said...

Oh my gawd, you've got too of my most favorites bands on here.

For Gin Blossoms, besides the greatestness of the singing you have the depth added by the lead guitarist and one of the main songwriters being an alcoholic with enough self-awareness to let the horrible reality of that situation seep into his pop songs. Check out the two that lead off their first hit album "New Miserable Experience."

Obviously Hopkins had a real problem. That had to be the case to have the band kick him out when he was one of their focal points on the local scene and wrote the first two songs on their major debut.

And next Trash Can Sinatras. Especially on their first two CD's gorgeous pop melodies and arrangements. And then one time when I heard them do an acoustic set on the radio I realized that these lovely pop songs had some of the cleverist lyrics this side of Elvis Costello. Just stunningly great.

Ace K.

charlie c. said...

Depends which Starship . . . "Blows Against the Empire" is not a Jefferson Starship album, more closely related to the PERRO Project than anything else. Ditto "Baron Von Toolbooth". I happen to love both!