Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday's Pick: Shovels & Rope

Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent are a husband and wife team from Charleston, S.C., who decided to pool their musical talents as Shovels & Rope after years of playing solo. The result, "O' Be Joyful," is a collection of tunes which they describe as "sloppy-tonk." Hearst says, "I got him into Townes Van Zandt and he got me into The Cramps."

I'm on my third pass through "O' Be Joyful." I expect I'll be playing this one for some time. The sounds are familiar, but I'm still hearing something fresh. This record is a blast. See what you think.


buzzbabyjesus said...



I love that "Townes Van Zandt meets the Cramps."

Just saw that Shovels & Rope are touring this summer with Dawes. They have a six song tour sampler (three songs each) if people want to download at:


Anonymous said...

Totally charmed by the two songs, thanks Sal.


Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of Micheal Trent's albums and his old band The Films. I wasn't aware of this.
Major thanks.....