Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Best Thing Lenny Kravitz Ever Did

From Tom Petty's "Playback" boxed set, please enjoy this gem from "Nobody's Children," Disc #6 which compiles some of TP's odds and ends. "You Come Through" is essentially Tom Petty on vocals and guitar and Lenny Kravitz on everything else. I don't recall if Kravitz produced it as well and I don't remember or most likely never really knew the initial intention of the collaboration. But I think it cooks.


oldkdawg said...

Wow. Never heard that before. That is great. Something to build a weekend mix from? Thanks for sharing the video.

bglobe313 said...

It's a great song.

And my Gawd am I an idiot. I read the headline and the description as referring to Lenny KAYE.

Which had me ready to whip out my Lenny Kaye story once again. That will have to wait.

I DO have a Lenny Kravitz story, although about his music and not him. My wife and I were in some fairly small "city" in France and after a nice meal hit up a local "disco". The tunes they were spinning were, well, crap. My wife offered several suggestions to the DJ involving non-Franco music. All were ignored except Lenny K. Which got us dancing and then the bunch of previously barstool-hugging French.

"It Ain't Over Til It's Over" indeed!

Ace K.

William Repsher said...

I've never been all that down on Lenny Kravitz. While I wouldn't put him on the same shelf as The Black Crowes, I'd say he's similar: a more current artist who can both mimic past styles perfectly and write songs that are actually pretty good within that genre.

First time I heard "Dancin' Til Dawn" it stopped me cold -- just a perfect re-creation of disco-era Rolling Stones, like I've never heard anyone capture before. Brilliant. And I have to admit, first CD I bought was Let Love Rule ... and I still think there's some pretty good stuff on there.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I remember really liking "Let Love Rule". I taped the video off MTV.
I bought the album. That and almost every other song ended with him jamming with himself interminably. He wore out his welcome pretty fast, although I don't disagree with Mr Repsher's appraisal.

Sal Nunziato said...

I don't hate Lenny. Never did, and even paid a few times to see him live. When he nails a sound and finds those hooks, "Let Love Rule," "Dig In," and "It Ain't Over..." for example, it's pretty damn cool. It all just wears thin so quickly. His songs are like beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts with nothing inside of them.

A walk in the woods said...


Here's another Lenny Kravitz clip I LOVE - he really takes this song over and makes it his own:

Kennedy Center honors
Whole Lotta Love

steve simels said...

Very cool song -- how I missed that on the box set is beyond me.


Pedro Petracco said...

Great stuff! This link (which I think is a transcript from the boxset liner notes) says it's produced by Tom Petty, Mike Campbell and George Drakoulias, engineered by Mike Campbell and Jim Scott, mixed by George Drakoulias and Jim Scott.