Thursday, June 13, 2013

One More New Fave For The Week: Parquet Courts

I had my twice-yearly Ultravox lovefest last week. It never goes beyond the first three records with John Foxx, and rarely takes me further than the debut, which remains one of my all time favorite records. The band's 1977 debut still sounds as exciting as ever and my plan was to write all about it and possibly convert a few more people.

Then I found this post, which not only does what I had planned to do, but was actually a repost of sorts, meaning this new post would have been the third. Thankfully, the Parquet Courts came along.

From NYC, this band serves up a good lot of my 1977 wants and needs. "Light Up Gold" is Richard Hell, Television, Jim Carroll, Gang Of Four, and maybe even a little John Foxx-fronted Ultravox.

Check them out. I'm loving it.


buzzbabyjesus said...

I like. I hear Lou/Velvets, particulalry the leads in "Stoned And Starving". It doesn't sound like it looks. That bothers me a little, picture my thumb ans forefinger separated by a space the thickness of a dime.

Jeff Matthews said...

Heard "Stoned" on Sirius the other day and was immediately hooked. Great sound.

Anonymous said...

Modern Lovers is what I hear. Ironic that they're a NY band named after the old Boston Garden...Modern Lovers from Boston.

Christine said...

Really like this! Thanks for sharing.