Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Because it's a holiday week, the weather is crap, and I'm feeling too lazy to write.

And really because, this rocks like a mother***ker!


Anonymous said...

I can't shake thinking how Sheryl Crow would sound doing this instead.

buzzbabyjesus said...

You can't shake how Sheryl Crow might do it instead?
Are you kidding?
Unless you mean worse, as Joan is the Bomb.
I never think of how Sheryl Crow might sound doing anything except shut up.

steve simels said...

Jeebus, I'd never seen that one before.

Absolutely great, thanks.

Oxy said...

Wanted to watch this when you first posted it, but got called away. So glad I remembered to return for a listen. Joan is the Atomic Bomb with this tune! If this fails to get any guy up and moving, then they're a corpse.

My God! Sheryl Crow??? Joan is the essence of perfection with this song, in both vocals and visuals. Speaking for myself and my best friend, we'd like to thank you for a most excellent post!

charlie c. said...