Friday, July 5, 2013

"Summer's Here & The Time Is Right #2" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Self-explanatory, me thinks.

I realize not everyone will find every song here the ideal "summer song." But man, do they work for me. Every one has a summer story and snapshot to accompany it. Hopefully, you'll just dig it while you're doing your summertime thing.



Expressway To Your Heart- The Soul Survivors
Darlin'- The Beach Boys
Sherry Darling- Bruce Springsteen & The ESB
People Got To Be Free- The Rascals
Back Of A Car- Big Star
Girls- Marshall Crenshaw
More Today Than Yesterday- Spiral Staircase
Fool In The Rain- Led Zeppelin
Along Comes Mary- The Association
Everybody Wants To Rule The World- Tears For Fears
Elenore- The Turtles
Reflections Of My Life- Marmalade
Lido Shuffle- Boz Scaggs
Bad Girls- Donna Summer
Ridin' In My Car- NRBQ



soundsource said...

There I was about to write a comment (or should I say bitch about, what no bruce in this mix and then i went back and relooked (instead of speed reading thru it) at the list of songs and there it was right near the top, Sherry Darling, if not maybe the best at least one of the top three great Bruce summer kinda songs and bracketed by the Beach Boys and The Rascals, nirvana. Great freaking mix and those first six for me at least are some of my favorites by the particular artistes.
Thanks as always mr woodstein.


And happy summer to you too!

Speaking of summer music I see Mark Kurlansky has a new book out -- Ready For a Brand New Beat: How "Dancing in the Street" Became the Anthem for a Changing America.

Sounds like fun.

Thanks Sal!

Ken D said...

Perhaps only one thing to add to the mix: a Robbie Robertson song. Today is his 70th birthday!

Robin said...

Works for me! Great playlist. "Expressway to Your Heart" was given to me as a young child along with a bunch of other used 45s, from an X-Ray tech, who worked at the hospital where my mom was a nurse. One of the best gifts I was ever given, and it happened again when I was a teenager- my mom gave me a bunch of fantastic, used albums, also a gift from a co-worker. I now realize that my late mother had more of a hand in these gifts than I realized then and I'm forever grateful and touched.

Anyway, not only did I play "Expressway" incessantly- along with with "Happy Together"- I carried the 45 with me everywhere, showed it to people. I have no idea why it resonated with me so much that I had to touch it, hold it. I still love it.

The song that reminds me most of summer is Aretha's version of "Spanish Harlem" (though Ben E.'s is my favorite). It is a very powerful memory source for me, like a scent. I hear it and it is late summer, not someone else's summer song like "Surfer Girl" or "Hot Fun in the Summertime" both of which I adore, but my personal summer song, I'm at the beach on LI or down the shore Jersey, walking along a road with the transistor, or in the city- it blasting from the windows and cars.

I hear it and I'm transported back, a young kid with the summer sun on my face, asking my mom if I could buy the record. It's my summer soul. Another musical gift.

charlie c. said...

Had me from 'hello' or Expressway, as the case may be . . . boy if that don't yell and scream hi temps and hi times, not much else will . . . the rest ain't too shabby neither! Didn't feel like a Friday. Until now . . .

buzzbabyjesus said...

Looks good to me.

iggy said...

Hi Sal. There's only one obscurity that I'd add: "Toy Bell" by The Bees from about 1955 (aka "My Ding-a-Ling"). Heard it at the beach in North Carolina when I was 11 years old, and suddenly grew up right on the spot. Thanks for your kind share, and all the best to you.


Anonymous said...

That's so fun, Sal!! Hahahahaha. I was making me a summer playlist and I included many of the same songs!! Hahahaha. I just added Summer in the City by Lovin' Spoonful and "Drivin" by the Raspberries and then I'm go to go. GREAT site!! Love it all Thanks!