Sunday, July 21, 2013

Technical Difficulties

The Songs Of The Week post for 7/13-7/19 will now be a two-fer next week as there has been some heat-related techincal difficulties here at the home office.

Regular scheduled programming will hopefully resume sooner than later.

Thank you for your patience.


jeff k said...

Re no SOTW: Just because you have problems, why do we have to suffer?



I feel your pain -- if our refrigerators worked like our computers we'd by dying of food poisoning!

I'm diggin' the Al Anderson -- thanks!

Keep cool!

cmealha said...

My Sunday is ruined!

A walk in the woods said...

Always worth the wait - thanks Sal!

Eric said...

sounds like suzy waldman took over wood

dogbreath said...

We're gonna have to wait? What sort of 24/7 service are we paying for here? Oh, hang on, we're not... Look forward to it when you're ready. Enjoy the heat!