Thursday, August 22, 2013

Five Years, What A Surprise

This little gathering place is about to turn five years old. Who'd a thunk it?

The first post, a little essay on The Smithereens and how much I love "The Smithereens 11" appeared on September 2, 2008. 

Five years of opinions. 
Five years of invigorating and informative discussions.
Five years of me shooting my mouth off.

Five years of music.
Five years of Todd Rundgren, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie & Weekend Mixes & Todd Rundgren.
Five years of you shooting your mouths off.

All of this... is because of you.

Thank you.

Those days when I was ready to throw in the towel?  My brief, occasional farewell tours that gave The Who a run for their money in the "we swear this is the last tour ever" department?  Believe me, I couldn't give it up because I'd miss all of this and all of you, and there was no way I'd let you all continue to suffer through Jeff K's posts.

So what's the point? It's this: If you haven't noticed, I've reinstated the "donate" button. I've struggled with this, as I don't want any one to feel put off, but with another year comes another membership that hosts all the "Weekend Mixes" & "Songs Of The Week." And each year, that fee goes up to the point where it has now become cumbersome. So here's the deal: if you feel like contributing, great. It'll be a big help and it will make it easier to keep this place going, but please don't feel obligated. 

It's still a free concert.


jeff k said...

If it keeps me from having to read any more of my posts, I'm glad to help.

Seriously, it's an honor to help keep the blog going. Hardly a day goes by when I don't think how fortunate I am to be able to enjoy it, so I'm happy to reciprocate.

kevin m said...


Jeff Matthews said...

I feel lucky to be part of this community. Cheers!

steve simels said...

Mabel tov!

Seriously, you should be proud.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks guys!

Ken D said...

"Help Is Not Mandatory" (above the Donate button)
would make a great album title.

Many thanks for keeping this going. (And I'm not even a Rundgren fan.)


Well done.

I'm pleased to hit the donate button. Sal, you do so much for this little group of misfits -- the least we can do is pay for the Internet. When the tank is getting close to empty tell us.

And I leave the last word to:

bglobe313 said...

Glad to see you are still here. I've been away while dealing with a horrible family medical situation. I can use all the good news I can get as I try to move forward.

Love the little essays. They show a lot of serious thinking about what you like and why. Great stuff.

Ace K.

Anonymous said...

I'm in. Happy birthday!

Bruce H

Robin said...

Happy (Belated) BDay BW! Thanks for creating and maintaining a music stop online, where I feel comfy enough to comment, it feels like home. And you do a truly fantastic job.

A walk in the woods said...

Donated - I hope every little bit helps. Yours is my favorite blog for musical conversation, and your mixes are superb. Thanks for everything.

Jared said...

Thanks for five years of great posts!

charlie c. said...

Glad to help . . . gas, grass or ass - no one rides for free!

allen vella said...

Happy Birthday! and thank you for making our world a bit more interesting! Always a pleasure to be part of this rock, my friend. Now let's eat.