Monday, August 5, 2013

Pete Donnelly's Great New Release

Pete Donnelly, once a member of The Figgs and the new NRBQ, as well as touring with Replacement and replacement Guns & Roseser Tommy Stinson and Mike Viola's Candy Butchers too, has just released his new solo album called "Face The Bird."

Check out the video above and the song below, tracks 1 & 2 respectively from the new record.

I am loving "Face The Bird." There are many nods to the poppier side of NRBQ, but I don't want to set that table. This is a solid collection of great songs, singing and playing.

Go get it HERE.



buzzbabyjesus said...

I bought a Figgs cd out of the milk crates in your shop and I kept it.

Anonymous said...

Still in The Figgs. Also played with Graham Parker for years! Cheers, Phil

cmealha said...

Two worthy tracks. Definitely worth further exploration.