Saturday, August 3, 2013

Songs Of The Week 2.0: 7/27-8/2

Life's A Gas- T. Rex
Happy Jack- Southern Culture On The Skids
That Look You Give That Guy- Eels
Pop Goes The Weasel- 3rd Bass
So Swell When You're Well- Aretha Franklin
Would You Love Me- Chuck Prophet
Outcast- Eddie & Ernie




Still digging that Chuck Prophet!

Thanks Sal.

Have a great weekend.

cmealha said...

The Eels track should be SOTD every day. Still one of the most unbelievable songs ever written on this planet.

dogbreath said...

OK, Eels and weasels plus a bizarro (to me) version of the Who's Happy Jack, a song which has many, er, happy connotations for me. Thank you for the download.