Sunday, August 18, 2013

Songs Of The Week 2.0: 8/10-8/16

Rest Of The Day Off- Neil Finn
Rockport Sunday- Tom Rush
My Father's Gun- Elton John
Lodi- Al Wilson
I Don't Wanna Lose You- Hall & Oates
Tenderloin- Blue Oyster Cult
Brainwashed- George Harrison




Thanks for another great week Sal -- these songs and the Springsteen covers.

The question I'll be thinking about on this morning's run is "Why don't I listen to more Elton John?"


A walk in the woods said...

Looks like a Hall & Oates song I've never heard - and a good mix otherwise. Thanks Sal!

whattawino said...

Just listening to Tenderloin always gets me going. Of course, now it's bittersweet in that we lost Allen Lanier
but Damn, listen to his song. The arrangement never fails to blow me away. Greatest parts and textures all rolled into a killer track. THIS is BOC at their finest, in my humble opinion. RIP AL.