Sunday, August 11, 2013

Songs Of The Week 2.0: 8/3-8/9

King Kong- Big T Tyler
Azalea- Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington
Seven Years In Tibet- David Bowie
Black Coffee- Humble Pie
The Jam- Graham Central Station
Day Is Done- Charlie Hunter w/Norah Jones
Aguas de Marco- Elis Regina & Tom Jobim




Another excellent collection -- thanks Sal.

And I gotta say I love the six second Joe Jackson review.

How much better!

cmealha said...

I'm just catching up on about a month's worth of stuff and I just had to comment on how phenomenal the Chuck Prophet and Jon Cleary cuts were.
Thanks for all the music!

dogbreath said...

So, last week's tunes were quite an eclectic selection - and not for the first time - Brazilian beats, jazz & the Pie. Been foot-tapping along to a Humble Pie radio session from 1970 so that fitted in very nicely. Many thanks for the download!