Friday, September 27, 2013

"Fall, 2013" : THE WEEKEND MIX

In continuing with yesterday's personal theme of "looking for one thing and finding another," this selection of tunes began as something entirely different.

A month or so ago, someone had suggested "the saddest songs ever" as a theme for a "Weekend Mix." Ever the jolly one, I thought I'd get right on board with that, as a way to kickstart this first weekend of fall.  Then yesterday, I took a train trip up the Hudson and experienced two hours of iPod shuffle algorithim magic. While the device wasn't randomly playing the saddest songs I had in mind, it dealt me its own set of beauty and heartbreak. The soundtrack worked wonders as I sped along with the river on my left.

I was awestruck by what I was hearing. Partly because of how perfect it all sounded, at least to my ears, but also because the odd men out like The Ramones and Nazareth and Hot Tuna didn't feel like odd men at all.

I added an additional eight tunes to the seven suggested by the iPod and after a test run, decided this was going to work.

Yes, it's got that "end of summer" melancholy to it, but that's okay.

Hope this resonates for you the way it did for me.

P.S. The SOTD was also part of the train ride, but that felt special enough to highlight on its own.


Rockaway Beach- The Ramones
Holiday- Nazareth
Abandoned Love- Paul Rodgers & Nils Lofgren
Go Easy- John Martyn
Singular Girl- Rhett Miller
Oh For Another Day- Peter Frampton
Sometimes You Just Can't Win- George Jones
Sell Your Love- Iggy Pop
Water Song- Hot Tuna
Chain Letter- Todd Rundgren
One True Vine- Wilco
To Love Somebody- James Carr
Nonfiction- Black Crowes
Torchlight- Ellen Foley & The Clash
A Song For You- Willie Nelson





I'm certainly up for "Melancholy" -- "Saddest" might take some effort!

And the zip worked fine so I assume the recent problems are in the past (for now!).

dogbreath said...

Downloaded this fine mix and burned it to disc while at work (don't tell the boss). Drove home down moonless, starless, unlit country roads as the mix played melancholically. Just the blackness & me with the music as the perfect accompaniment. Brilliant! Many thanks.

A walk in the woods said...

I have been on a big Peter Frampton kick lately - can't exactly explain why - so thank you for introducing me to another glorious tune of his I didn't know yet. And thanks for the whole mix. Cheers and a cold one to the weekend and this mix, Sal.

iggy said...

Hi Sal. Thanks for this one, which you posted while I was enjoying a week in your home town with friends. Perfect weather for walking the city and a great view from Governor's Island of the new tower. What a place you have there.