Monday, September 16, 2013


After almost 90 minutes on the phone with LunarPages, I've decided that our relationship had to come to an end. Not mine and yours, theirs and mine. It was this, spoken with just the wrong amount of attitude by Kevin in billing, "Yeah, it wasn't the best way to handle your situation, but it does say in our terms of service we can do whatever we want," that sealed the deal for me. Kevin, if you're reading, you're a putz.

The story:

When I first signed up for LunarPages explaining what I had in mind, the nice man on the other end told me what would be best. What he failed to mention at any time was, while it might be best for me, it wasn't the best way to go in general. And so...after five years, my URL was deemed temporary enough. It was a random decision by LunarPages to call it a day after 5 years. But rather than give me ample notice to come up with Plan B, they simply pulled the plug. They claim they sent out info in a bulk newsletter. I was too busy not reading it, if it did indeed warn me of this day.

All previous links have been disabled. I am so very sorry.

But...Burning Wood will be back before the week's end.

I'm on the case.

Thanks for the support and the suggestions. Gonna look into a few of them tomorrow.


charlie c. said...

I am sure it will work out. We stand in support of your efforts. Now you know the hard questions to ask the next bunch of weenies . . .
I think I will be using a new moniker with the new outfit, suggested by your Captcha -
I am "Muniquir 2220"

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear you're dusting yourself off and moving on.

This story is in keeping with what I'd heard about Lunarpages in the past. (Hope the word gets out, and a whole bunch of people take their business elsewhere!)

Looking forward to hearing about your chosen alternative.


Aaron said...


A walk in the woods said...

Great spirit Sal! Keep it up. Like Marie said, the most important part is what you've written and the dialogue we've all shared. A close second is your mixes, which I have really enjoyed these past several years. Looking forward to the two reappearing as soon as it seems comfortable for you.


misospecial said...

What Aaron said.

And good on you for not busting a gut or popping a vein.

Burning Wood will abide...


Well done Sal.

As one of us posted the other day ... if you need help recreating lists or even with reformatting files or whatever you have to do don't hesitate to call on your loyal followers.


Robin said...

No reason to be sorry! I am happy just with your enlightening and interesting posts and stories and an occasional share from Div or YouTube (quite honestly you don't even need to do that!). You were going above and beyond with those playlists, etc. They are awesome but totally not expected or necessary at least for this reader. And I certainly don't expect them to be available to me forever. Thanks for always making me feel comfortable enough to voice my opinion this is the only forum where I do!

I do hope your headaches are over with this.

ReelMusic said...

Well done, sir...
and Kevin is, indeed, a putz!

Les said...

I just popped over to catch up. Jesus. And to echo Robin a bit, I just (last week) linked someone to one of your New Orleans posts from a couple years ago. I was SHOCKED that the zip was still live!

Charlie, I mean, Muniquir 2220, I am OmaNet 1215.