Friday, September 6, 2013

"World Party" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Having not seen Karl Wallinger perform with a full electric band since 2006, and recalling how he promised at each of his last 5 acoustic shows, some at Joe's Pub and some at City Winery, how next time around he'd be bringing everybody but didn't, I headed into last night's performance at City Winery expecting the same old World Party kind of night, which is not to say is a bad thing, just the same thing, 75 minutes of solid live music with nary a diversion from the usual World Party set list.


Let's just say I was uh...gobsmacked by last night's performance. Yes, it was just the three of them, but vocally they harmonize like five and musically they sound like well...three, but I can't say last night's show would have benefited from bass, drums or more. It was completely satisfying.

At almost two hours, WP opened with the usual string of recent set list standards, "Waiting Such A Long, Long Time," "Is It Like Today," & "Everybody's Falling In Love." But then the curveballs started coming, or as Karl put it, "I think it's time to invade France." The crowd was treated to songs unheard in concert for years like "Mystery Girl," "Sunshine," "God On My Side," "Vanity Fair," & "What Is Love About." He didn't forget the "hits," either. "Put The Message In The Box," "Way Down Now," and "Ship Of Fools" were as triumphant as ever. Even a Neil Young cover, "Out On The Weekend" made it into the encore.

So with that still on my mind, I offer you a World Party sampler for the weekend. I tried to pepper it with some rarities, like the Dylan and Lennon covers, as well as one of my faves, "When You Come Back To Me," a genius reconstruct of Bowie's "Young Americans" originally found on the "Reality Bites" soundtrack.

Hope you dig it enough to search out more music from Karl Wallinger and World Party, if you don't already know it all.

Have a great weekend.

Stay in trouble.


Is It Like Today
Everybody's Falling In Love
When You Come Back To Me
Mystery Girl
Best Place I've Ever Been
Sweetheart Like You
Vanity Fair
Here Comes The Future
God On My Side
Love Street
#9 Dream
Ship Of Fools



kevin m said...

Thanks for the review. Can't wait for tonight!

buzzbabyjesus said...

I'll give it a shot. I played "Private Revolution" and "Goodbye Jumbo" quite a bit back in the day.
I'm not sure why I apparently lost interest.

A walk in the woods said...

I'm envious you got to see the show... saw them live in a live radio appearance 20 years ago but not since. I bought the interesting box set they put out about 2 years ago, which is GREAT.

Thanks for the mix Sal!

On a related note: I have my ticket to go see The Waterboys in October. HELL yes!


I'm diggin the World Party!

Thanks Sal

kevin m said...

last night's show was fantastic! even better than last year's. karl was in fine spirit and his sidemen harmonize so well with him.